Review of the "Programming Interviews Exposed; Secrets To Landing Your Next Job"

“Programming Interviews Exposed; Secrets to Landing Your Next Job” has attempted to compile most of the basic topics that you may need to know for an interview for a programming job. It takes into accounts the latest developments in the computer industry as well as focuses upon some very tricky programming problems and solutions. That’s why a portion concentrates upon analysis and efficiency of algorithms.

The “Programming Interviews Exposed Secrets to Landing Your Next Job” is written by John Mongan and Noah Suojanen. It goes into the depths of programming details that enriches your technical knowledge for your next interview. It contains a lot number of sample questions on programming and the related concepts.

The contents of the Programming Interviews Exposed Secrets to Landing Your Next Job include job applicable processing, different approached to the computer programming problems, linked lists, trees and graphics, arrays and strings, recursion, tricky puzzles and knowledge-based problems. This book handles needs of the niche programming interviews so well that may readers have termed it as “the only book that you need for a programming interview”.

The Language of the Programming Interviews Exposed

Most of the examples given in the book exposed interview job landing next programming secrets are in the procedural language C. This language is still considered the most popular though many developments have taken places in the field.

Most of the examples are written in C. There are a few examples in C++, Perl and Java. The author claims that the C language is appropriate for such kind of book because C++ and Java have very similar syntax structure as the former has. While answering your interview questions, you are not allowed to refer to built-in or standard library features so you need to learn the basic syntax behind the problems.

There are only a couple of examples from Java and Perl.

Who Can Benefit?

There are many levels of programming jobs. Whatever level of the job you are looking for, the Programming Interviews Exposed Secrets to Landing Your Next Job can help you to achieve your desired goal.

When you have some experience of C or C++, the book is an excellent refresher. You shall find sample questions in linked lists, recursion and binary trees very interesting. If you don’t know a great deal of C or C++, you can learn the most important things for any programming environment.

The book is equally good for starters and senior level programmers. You can get assistance for the hardcore level jobs too such as embedded systems, network and operating system administrators. It can also help you when you are looking for a job in Microsoft, Cisco systems, IBM, Sun or Lucent etc.

Interestingly, the administrators and interviewers like me have also found the book very useful. They need not to have an expertise in the computer language but this book can expose the understandings of the candidates.

Get Your Copy of Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job

Benefits of Programming Interviews Exposed

The pressure upon the job market may force you to purchase a lot of material on computer programming. After all you need a good job in the field that you love the most. But stay a moment…

…read through the benefits that most of the people have reported after reading the book “Programming Interviews Exposed Secrets to Landing Your Next Job”. You will find this unique book meeting all of your interviewing needs.

Before you start, visualize your interview panel. It shall consist of 2-3 computer programmers, one man from human resource management and one from the directors. The programming engineers shall focus upon your computer programming skills. Others shall focus upon your personality, aptitude and attitudes. Your interview may expand to hours because the employers want the best stuff.

Programming and General Questions

You can find a lot of material on general interview questions. Very few places offer programming questions to the searchers. It is a new, evolving and skill based field. Due to different type of logic and algorithm, generally, the offered material is redundant and old-fashioned.

The Programming Interviews Exposed Secrets to Landing Your Next Job tries to meet this niche.

And also include the questions that other panel members would love to ask.

Confidence Building

The Programming Interviews Exposed Secrets to Landing Your Next Job offers problems and solution in such an attractive way that you become a lot more confident just after your first reading of the book. It shall help you to sharpen your thinking patterns as per the different type of logics in the programming environment.

Tricky Questions, Challenging Problems and Funny Puzzles

Have you heard about tricky programming questions?

Most of them don’t look technical but they are technical. You might have heard about an infamous Microsoft question, “Why is a manhole cover round?” It is not only interesting but also funny.

You shall find a number of tricky questions and funny puzzles. They relate to counting, measuring and ordering. You shall also find some graphical and spatial puzzles which look challenging but involve a lot of fund to be solved.

Weakness of the Exposed Interview Job Landing Next Programming Secrets

No human writing can claim free from weaknesses. The Exposed Interview Job Landing Next Programming Secrets has its share but negligible.

The object oriented technology has made the computer programming a lot easier. Most of the programmers at the panel don’t go themselves deep in the usage of procedural languages such as C, C++, Java or Perl. Their questions may also be object oriented based e.g. What are objects? What is Sybase? What is Rational Rose? Do you know servelts? Etc.

The Exposed Interview Job Landing Next Programming Secrets focuses upon the C and you shall find very few examples of OO class design. There is no discussion of some important programming concepts such as inheritance, composition, encapsulation and structured exception handling. Topics such as performance, scalability, error handling, and public vs. internal interface design are haphazardly covered and sometimes skipped.

However, the weakness is curable to some extent. When you program in any OO language, the logic inside the methods remains almost the same as you write in C. It is the reason that authors consider it their strength that they have given platform free examples in the procedural language C.

Advice for Programming Interviews Exposed Readers

The book “Programming Interviews Exposed Secrets to Landing Your Next Job” is excellent. Use it as a guide to clear your thinking about algorithms, data structures, and abstract thinking. But it is not everything on the subject. It, no doubt, gives you a very solid base that you need to demonstrate during your interview session.

The best advice is that you should not try to memorize the questions and answers. Read them thoughtfully, code and test your own answers. After reading the book purposefully, you shall definitely do better on any interview where you are asked direct coding questions.

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Get Your Copy of Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job

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