Tips to Find a Quality Wonderlic Practice Test

The Wonderlic Personnel test is a quick choice of the managers in the job market. In many situations the Wonderlic test results are taken for granted. This demands a serious consideration of preparing a Wonderlic Test before encountering it in a real life situation. 

It has good reasoning for its popularity. You can get the desired results within twelve minutes instead wasting hours on the other instruments in the market.  It is easier for the test takers too as comprises of only 50 questions. You can find two free Wonderlic practice tests here. 

Wonderlic Sample Test!
Another Wonderlic Test 50 Questions

There are many other practice tests available on internet. You are highly encouraged to practice before encountering a real life session. 

Wonderlic test format

wonderlic practice test

Wonderlic Personnel test is generally composed of questions that grow progressively harder, as you take the test. But it is not always a rule. The Wonderlic practice tests may not be following this sort of practice. Your ultimate goal of practice session is to understand format of the Wonderlic as well as patterns within the questions. 

Wonderlic test length

The Wonderlic Personnel test is composed of fifty questions, in a twelve minute time span. An accurate Wonderlic Personnel test will time you on fifty questions, and then calculate your score at the conclusion of the test. If your practice test does not time you, or contain fifty questions, then it isn't going to be accurate at all. Many people do not understand that the Wonderlic test is a precisely constructed IQ test, and if the person or organization that wrote the test does not strictly abide by the actual Wonderlic test length, how can the test be an accurate Wonderlic practice test? The answer is simple- it can't!

Wonderlic Questions

A Wonderlic Personnel test should be composed of questions from language comprehension, math and spatial reasoning. Language comprehension questions will include comparison of two words, dissimilarity of an item from the series of words etc Math questions simply ask you to perform calculations, find patterns in a given set of numbers, or they may even ask you to read a short paragraph and solve a problem within that paragraph. Spatial reasoning questions require you to find similarities in shapes or figures, and also may sometimes ask you to rotate a shape or figure in your head in order to solve a problem. Any Wonderlic practice test that is accurate will have all three of these types of questions, in equal amounts. The questions will not be separated by the type of question, this is another feature of the Wonderlic Personnel test. The Wonderlic test is designed so that you are constantly switching between reading, math, and spatial questions. Again, any sample test that does not follow this strict outline of test question content is a waste of your time.

Regardless of which Wonderlic practice test you decide to take, the best advice that I can give you is to take as many of them as possible before the real Wonderlic test. If you average your final scores across all of the Wonderlic practice tests that you have taken, you will arrive at a much more accurate final score than would be achieved by simply taking one or two sample tests. In the end, you should find that your average Wonderlic score is very similar to if you took the actual Wonderlic Personnel test.

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