A thought for my girls

by Frankenstone

For Nina and King,

A high IQ alone is in the scheme of things almost irrelevant. There are people with a low score, who are very successful, and there are absolute geniuses who make nothing from life. Compare this with having a full kit of quality tools, and not knowing how to apply them. Even then, knowing (i.e. education) alone is not enough. Many other factors such as opportunity, talent, common sense, personality, perseverance, good looks and some good fortune also need to be thrown into the mix.

It seems to me that the three major contributing factors to a successful career (NOT necessarily a successful life) are opportunity, talent and perseverance. Common sense and intelligence run equal fourth. Heavens knows how the remaining factors rate.

It's interesting doing these various tests, but the proof is only in the pudding once real life results indicate that you have mastered that vital combination. How you measure “success in life” is entirely your call, but please bear in mind that many a successful career person has lost every loving soul around them. This makes for a lonely and sad life.

Learn how to identify the borders between need and want. Spend lots of time gazing into the mirror and your lover's eyes.

A final word of wisdom(?); Whatever you decide to do with your gift, make sure you share some of it with people less fortunate than you. On the other hand, don't tolerate those who want to take you for a ride...

With Love and Care forever,


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Major Success Factors
by: Saqib

Thanks Frankenstone on contributing one of the best comments posted on this site. The post is thought provoking and inviting a lot of attention.

I would like to rearrange the success factors as:

1- Clear vision of s successful person

2- Daily successful small actions to achieve the vision

3- Perseverance in action

4- Deep Feelings of thankfulness (It can give permanence to success).

Talents may be developed and opportunities may be created. Common sense and intelligence have some role to play as mentally retarded people can't do things correctly.

Every one is invited to discuss the subject!!!

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