by Paul
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Most people on this forum, claiming excellent test results, don't seem to be that smart.

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by: Anonymous


Confused or What?
by: Anonymous

I don't think that the people claiming on this forum are not smart as they are claiming. In fact most of them have taken free IQ tests on the internet. Such free IQ tests are nothing more than internet marketing tools. They allure visitors to take a free test in exchange of their email addresses (and some personal details in extreme cases). Once visitors take the test, they are shown some kind of number and that is claimed their IQ score.

If you go through Alexa search engine analytic of this website, you will find popularity of this website two groups very high; 18-24 and 55-64. Furthermore, most of the users use this website at school or home places.

It simply means most of the posters are in the age group of 18-24. They have been passing through different kind of IQ tests (or expected to pass through soon).

What the IQ testing industry is doing with them?

Simply confusing them what do they need to be successful in their lives. They are given hyped numbers to make them their customers.

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