I scored 150 at 6 years old but now I got 110 and I'm 13

by Blursotong

I scored 150 at 6 years old but now I got 110 and I'm 13...what's happening???

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teenagers minds...
by: Anonymous

Teenagers brains are constantly changing and maturing, I would say you are becoming more intelligent in real life, Things that can't be measured, There are so many different types of intelligence, Humans only measure a small amount. Your brain is going through puberty, Don't stress about it, keep the imagination going, Try more artistic things or whatever helps you relax and travel your mind.

Im sure your high score will be awesome after your body finishes growing and changing (and your brain of course) best wishes, sorry for woffle and bad punctuation.

Jenn :) (45 yrs old, 138 IQ atm, but sure i can get 140 :) next time, but i actually hardly ever think of it

You are very intelligent
by: Saqib Ali

Hi Blursotong

It is nothing about age or level of your intelligence. It is about the tests that you have taken at different age levels. Next, every IQ score needs to be qualified by some psychologist before that can be relied upon.

However, I am sure about your intelligence as you are smart enough to see a variation in IQ scores and guts to ask questions. One of my teachers always said, "No question is wrong. The answer may be!"

Have a great day!

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