No way to Prepapre for Mensa!

by Anonymous

There is no way to study for a Mensa or IQ test. They have nothing to do with general knowledge or things you learn in school. It is all about your thinking and reasoning skills. Either you have them or you don't. An IQ is inborn and there's nothing you can do to raise it.

The best things you can realistically do are:
eat right, sleep right, avoid big meals or medications that will make you drowsy and relax. Feel good and be alert. In fact, try to take a walk-in test that you can choose at the last minute. That way, if you have a headache, illness, etc., you aren't tied to a specific date.

You can't study for these kinds of tests, so the most you can do is make sure your head is clear and your brain is in good shape.

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Not true
by: Anonymous

By looking online at articles on how to solve Mensa tests I raised my IQ with 2 points in half an hour, even though the tasks weren't the same in the answer sheets and the test. I think anybody can raise their IQ if they're taught how to look at the tasks.

not completely true...
by: Anonymous

some may have a natural advantage but some logical reasoning skills *can* be learned. they know this now.

not true
by: Anonymous

The previous comment simply was not true. Though it is generally wise not to take the test when completely stoned, medicated or drunk, there obviously are things that you can learn.

Firstly, the questions follow a logical pattern. For example, the prime numbers, squares, cubes, or addings.

The patterns too have a logic to it, as do the words and math tests.

If you are used to making simple calculations without pen and paper, surely you have an advantage.

All in all, it is fairly clear to me that you practice to the test, which is supported to by the original posting. But hey, you are free to make up your own mind. Either the two of us (and our reasoning) is correct or the other guy saying it just ain't so.

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