To all the Highly Gifted and Genius of this Country

by Anonymous
(Not Disclosed)

Logically speaking if your all so smart why isn't anyone stepping up to the plate and turning this country around on its feet. Why don't you get together and start a plan smarty pants!?!? We are so smart we sent our own jobs across the world and then what!?(aaah what do we do now ahhh!)Genuis please!Your only worth what you put out,or set your mind too. Goals!Wish my iq was off the chart!I have no idea what it is and to be honest I don't need to know.If want to learn something I will pursue it!

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At 148 on the scale
by: Ryan Paul habig

People do not understand that I am so smart that I make smart people feel dumb so I have become a druggie to make my mind slow down I have already tried to kill myself 7 times and there are no clear ways out and the responsibility of being so gifted yet always learning and cannot apply anything to life sucks. I have struggled with depression all my life and have little to no feelings besides sadness and disgust. If this is what being so gifted is about please take half of my IQ. Ignorance is bliss and blessed are the ones who don't understand this cruel world.

Answer to your question
by: Anonymous

If you would like to know why all the things you mentioned are not acted upon,have a good look at "DUMBING DOWN" on a Wikipedia Website.

This may give you some clarification as to what has been happening around the world for some considerable time.

My i.q. (according to the Wechsler Scale is 187>.

There is also a little thing called APTITUDE. There are many people with average i.q's who have a great aptitude when it comes to, say, carpentry, music, art,etc. Also,there are many with very high i.q's who have no aptitude towards anything,and these people are simply life-long students. They study everything,but at the end of the day, achieve nothing.

Why dont we get this country straightened out.
by: Anonymous

It's so complicated and messed up theres no way to fix it. For example if we all got a new electric car and we all stopped smoking and drinking the world would have better air and we would all be healthy and happier. If you think thats true then your so wrong ! The electric car will kill more jobs then it can replace all the gas and oil companies will go out of business and the government will have to support all the families that are unemployed and think off all the money the government will lose if only 1 million lose there job.Plus the trickle effect my brother works for a welding company on the pipe lines for the oil and gas company his friend works on the bulldozer that dig the holed for the pips and lines .we had an electric car that could get 300 miles to a charge it was called the EV1 in 1995 i think it was and when they realized what was about to happen they recalled all the cars now you can get one that get 75klm to a charge so you still need to support the gas company which in turn employs a million people who pay taxes.Now add to that loss of taxes on smokes and alcohol and all the jobs they will lose .If we all got solar panels and went of the grid it solves one problem but causes another So the system is messed up but it works.

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