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by He Who Knows
(Las Vegas, NV)

John got a call from a an old pilot friend he knew in the Navy. They had both flown F-18's on the Carl Vinson.

John got married and left the Navy. His friend informed John that there would be a small airshow in his city on Sunday and would like to see him. John went to the airfield and to his surprise, when his friend disembarked from the plane a young girl also disembarked and walked towards John.

John asked the girls name and the friend said, "the same as her mother." Oh, said John, hello Mary.

How did John know the girls name?

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by: Anonymous

John's pilot friend is a woman. Her name is Mary and that young girl with her was her daughter.

by: Anonymous

The girls mother was Johns friend who he was in the navy with and her name was Mary

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