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This sample Wonderlic Test neither equates nor carries the questions which are offered in a real Wonderlic test. However, it contains problems which will help you to analyze the type of questions that you may face in a real-life candidate screening process.

You know the Wonderlic Personality test has been used for decades to judge the intelligence of the career seekers. The owner's company closely protect the questions. They are intellectual property. However, a sample Wonderlic test can be easily made based on leaked test questions. A sample Wonderlic test usually contains samples of the three main topics of the Wonderlic test, which includes: mathematics, reading comprehension, and spatial reasoning questions. 

Mathematical Questions

1.) Which number is larger: .8, 8, 90, 200?

2.) If a cup of pancake mix makes 2 pancakes, how many pancakes can be made with 3 cups of pancake mix?

3.) An airplane travels 100 miles per hour. How long will the airplane take to travel 300 miles?

4.) A gallon of gas costs $2.50. How many gallons of gas can be purchased with $5?

5.) A 10 year old Ford truck has 100,000 miles on the engine when the transmission fails on the truck. There are two replacements available- one transmission will last for 20 years, or 50,000 miles, and the other transmission will last for 8 years, or 75,000 miles. Given the current average yearly mileage on this truck, which transmission would last the longest?

6.) A rocket engine that takes off from earth burns 10,000 pounds of fuel in 15 minutes, and is able to lift 20,000 pounds total for that time period (including the rocket fuel itself). If a payload that weighs 20,000 pounds is needed to be transported for one hour, and unused rocket engines are dropped in stages after their fuel has been exhausted, how many rocket engines must be used to transport the payload for that time period?

Reading Comprehension Questions

sample wonderlic test

1.) How many of the five pairs listed below are exact duplicates?

Bologna AND Balogna

Malicious AND Malicious

Firearm AND Fiream

Space Shuttle AND Space Huttle

Gray AND Green

2.) 7 months of the year have 31 days, and 4 have 30 days. What month has only 28 days?

3.) Do the words retire and inspire have opposite meanings, similar meanings, or no relation?

4.) Do the words hypothesis and theory have opposite meanings, similar meanings, or no relation?

Spatial Reasoning Questions

1.) Assume the first two statements are true. 1.) A boy has a car.

2.) Car drivers have drivers licenses

3.) Drivers Licenses are blue.

Is the final statement true, false, or undeterminable?

2.) What number is the next number in the following pattern?

16,32, 64, 128, ___

3.) Which of the following shapes has the least drag, if thrown in the air:

Square, Rectangle, Circle, Polygon, Triangle

4.) If a gear on a motor turns clockwise, and is attached to another gear, which direction will the other gear turn?

5.) Assume the first two statements are false.

1.) Tom likes to eat Raspberries from the store.

2.) Raspberries in the store are poisoned.

3.) Tom has been poisoned.

Is the final statement true, false, or undetermined?

Normally, these questions would appear in order from the easiest questions, to the hardest questions. This is one of the main strengths of the Wonderlic test, and a sample Wonderlic test should include questions in the order from easiest to hardest. If you are taking a practice Wonderlic test that does not arrange the questions in any particular order from easiest to hardest, this is not an accurate practice of a Wonderlic test!

Of course, we can't let you go without telling you the answers to this test, so here are the answers to our example of a practice Wonderlic test, and explanations of the correct answers for some of the harder questions:


Mathematics Sample Wonderlic Test

1.) 200

2.) 6 pancakes

3.) 3 hours

4.) 2 gallons

5.) The 8 year lifespan transmission will last the longest, assuming that the mileage per year rate does not change.

6.) 30 rocket engines are required. The first stage consists of 16 rockets, the second stage is 8 rockets, the third stage is 4 rockets, and the final stage is 2 rockets.

Answers for Reading Comprehension Sample Wonderlic Test
1.) There is only one match- malicious.

2.) February.

3.) No relationship

4.) Similar meanings

Spatial Reasoning Sample Wonderlic Test

1.) Undeterminable given the first two statements.

2.) 256. Each number is doubled.

3.) Circle

4.) Counter-clockwise

5.) Indeterminable, because Tom could still be poisoned from another source other than Raspberries.

Lastly, total up your score, and multiply that result times 3.33 to get your total approximate Wonderlic score from this sample Wonderlic test. If you scored 20 total, you are average. Anything below 10 is barely literate, and genius is any score over 40.

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I just scored 46.62 out of 50 on the sample Wonderlic test, just wondering how close it is to the real ones.

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Hypothesis and Theory 
Hypothesis and theory mean similar things in colloquial language, but have different specific scientific meanings. Bad question.

Horrible Test 
Oh also... ...the "tossing shapes into the air" question is completely nonsensical. A circle/square/rectangle/triangle are all two dimensional shapes. …

That is an IQ test?!?!? 
That might have only been a sample but it was frighteningly easy. I got them all right in about 6.5 minutes. They should make intelligence tests for …

Remove the polygon option. Ignoring the fact that you are tossing 2-dimensional shapes into 3 dimensional air, the fact remains that a polygon with a …

I beg to differ... 
...with the answer to the second reading comprehension question. The question asked, "What month has 28 days?" The correct answer is "All months have …

Silly rocket question 
The question about the rocket: 6.) A rocket engine that takes off from earth burns 10,000 pounds of fuel in 15 minutes, and is able to lift 20,000 pounds …

Not even close....... 
I took the Wonderlic test and flunked. This one is not even close to the one I took. It is too easy. You need to put the real deal up here. Not fair. …

Easy Test 
I decided to breeze through this while on a break at work. Although I admit I had one slip up I finished with a score of 46.62. In response to the person …

Need help  Not rated yet
I have to take wonderlic test for Nursing Assistant program. ( ABC training Center). How hard is and will u please help me with any wbst coz they so many …

Could this be a Wonderlic typo? Not rated yet
Undeterminable Indeterminable The author of this page uses the word "Undeterminable" for the response to the answer of number 1 (Answers for Spatial …

Easy but....... Not rated yet
I had zero clue I was going to take this test for a job interview. When you add presure and a time limit, this easy (unexpected) test becomes much more …

Wind resistance Not rated yet
The question concerning wind resistance has a variable unaccounted for. If the triangle passes through the air with the acute angle leading it will …

I beg to differ re: February Not rated yet
2.) 7 months of the year have 31 days, and 4 have 30 days. What month has only 28 days? -What about during leap years when February has 29 days? The …

Wonderlic is not Vonderbar Not rated yet
Unfortunate for those who have learning disabilities that require some cognitive anarchy to circumvent these bias representations of human intellect. However, …

Who's the dork? Not rated yet
The question wasn't "Which months have 28 days"; the question was "Which month has ONLY 28 days". I got 14 out of 15 did YOU do, Jethro?

Gears and Raspberries Not rated yet
It depends upon how the gears are connected. If the teeth for each gear connect then, yes, your answer is correct. They could be connected by a line, …

Time matters in Wonderlic Test! Not rated yet
If you take your score and multiply times 3.3 and do not account for time you will be in trouble. time yourself with all these Questionnaires the divide …

Poisoned Raspberries Not rated yet
In the last question, the test clearly states that both statements are false. So: he does NOT like to eat raspberries from the store, and they are NOT …

War of Life Not rated yet
Life is like a War for me. Because to spend standard life is to fight bravely, adventitiously, intellectually until to last moment of life.

36 Score Rounded!! Not rated yet
If this test is so accurate in determining ones aptitude why do the majority of companies fail to utilize it during the hiring process to ensure they get …

Response to"I beg to differ" Not rated yet
The question asked "What month only has 28 days?" February is the month that has only 28 days. The word "only" in the question makes a difference so …

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Rocket Question  Not rated yet
The rocket's can only burn for 15 minutes and then must be released. Each Rocket also weighs 10,000 lbs adding to the total weight of the craft. …

Rocket to nowhere Not rated yet
I guess I'm a all right but the rocket problem. I don't think there's enough information provided. I thought it would be 4 rockets. 1 for …

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I have taken the test. The questions seem too easy to be resolved. Do you think that this sample Wonderlic test can help me to go for a real life Wonderlic …

Not bad... Not rated yet
Thank you, I just hope the Wonderlic test will be as easy as this one! I take my test Tuesday for nursing school.

Out of Gear Not rated yet
If two gears are attached (as many were on drive shafts on farm equipment growing up) they have to turn the same direction. If one gear turns the other …

Poisoning Not rated yet
It would be easy for even the greatest genius in the world to question the intent of the question regarding Tom's poisoning. It's easy to wonder whether …

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