Urgh... One Point Below Gifted.

I feel like a loser. Both my mom and dad have IQ's above 150 (My mom 155 and my dad 187... I think, maybe higher.) but I have a puny little 124. My dad simply patted me on the back and smiled going "We'll get you in a special class, don't you worry hunny" all mean like. My siblings even scored higher then me and they're younger! My twelve year old brother got 140, my thirteen year old sister got 134 and my other sister who is TEN got 160. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY....

Grrrgh... I'm the family retard.

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by: Anonymous

you are learning how to be very funny...making up a tale like this is a start. take it where every you go and make your family and friends laugh. I hate liars but humor is a responsible way of twisting the truth.

by: and on he must !TDJvvxBihI

It's obvious this is untrue. If your ten year old brother had an IQ of 160, someone would want him. Einstein had 160. Hawking has around 160. That's genius. I, for one, have 139. Also, IQ tests have a margin of error. The title for your post is misleading, if not irrelevant.

Set your goals and become accomplished
by: you can be great

You're Dad sounds like a jerk who belittles his kids for selfish and petty gains.

Sometimes such environmental conditions can impact your IQ and overall outlook on life. And frankly, an IQ test can fluctuate depending on your mood, or self-esteem, or lack of focus, mental and physical health. That is to say, there are several variables that can be at play.

Least one forget, measurement of success isn't part of the IQ score. The best thing I would advise is to set out two or three academic goals to prove the ambiguous nature of these scores can not negatively impact your greatness. In fact, SAT scores are no longer attributed to IQ, but if you study hard and get better scores than your siblings and find yourself admitted into top universities, then who will scoff?

Set your goals high and prove your Dad the lesser.

by: Anonymous

you arent stupid!

by: Anonymous

You aren't a retard!

I scored the lowest out of my family and my boyfriends immediate family. I am not one either! I scored much higher in language and comprehension than most any of them.... i may not be good at math, but id be an awesome lit teacher!

I am a talented person in many ways and i am quite different from anyone else.

You will have your heyday.... BESIDES THE FACT that you aren't through growing yet. AND you can try again and see how precise you are, maybe even get a higher rating!

Every day is a chance to learn something new. Humanity would stagnate if we stopped learning.
so PLEASE DON'T belittle yourself for not making the same score as someone else. You AREN'T that someone else. And that's the most wonderful thing of all, you know!

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