What does this mean?

by Kyla

I'm a 12 year old girl and I took an IQ test and it said my IQ was 145. So I was wondering, what does that mean?

I know it's a high IQ but exactly how rare is it?

What kind of opportunities will this open up for me in the future?

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by: Me

I'm also 12, but i got a 193 average for my iq. i took a coupe of tests.

by: Aubrey

I am 12 as well and I got between a 155 and 186 on 4 different iq tests the average for an adult is 100 so apparently we are child geniuses
I took the duke tip act test a few months ago and got a 23

In the same situation!
by: Anonymous

Cool! I'm twelve as well and have the exact same iq!

A suggestion
by: Asawira Emaan Khan

AsalamoAlaikum Kyla,

You should join Mensa International.

Skies are the Limits
by: Saqib Ali Ateel

Hi Kyla

Hearty congratulations on having so good score.

What does it mean?

It depends...!

But I fell you have potentials to win the world. Just dream, make daily effort (regardless of amount) to achieve your dreams and persist. You can be whatever you feel excited to.

Have a nice dream!

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