W.T.F. there is no I.Q. in, ""LIFE"" so ?'s (whats) it matter, ya kno, who carez


YA KNO, Who gives a shit how; bright'r, smart'r, intelligent ya is? I'z got's me a 186 on I.Q. & that was after my accident where my heart stop't 5 times, coma and then being paralyzed on right side for 6 wex and paralyzd on my right side and learned that my best friend, Andrew Schele had passed away. So, as far as I can say I care, I actually couldnt, I could really CARE LESS ABOUT PROBLEMz DUMB donkeyz HAVE. Otherwize, yer just wasting MY TIME & yerz & their energy & the GOOD AIR THAT's left round 3rd rock. I couldn't give a rip especially after I learnd I now have, T.B.I. since. That's right, I now have a, Tramatic Brain Injury, with a 186 I.Q.

WHETHER I AM SMARTER'R WHAT, YA KNO, I COULD CARE LESS, I KNO I'M JUST THAT MUCH MORE PERFUCT ANY WAY YA LOOK @ mE, "I CHARGE FOR OTHER stuff. & yes, I was tested after the accident on 20\12\95 FOR MY I.Q. ANDREW SHELE, WAS [email protected] MUCH IF NOT TWICE [email protected], SCORE @ LeAsT.

(There is a purpose as to why I spelt words how I did)
my creative geniousness

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