A fading Hope drives this article.

by Andrew
(Los Angeles, CA)

There are no scientific reasons all races must have the same average IQs. More and more books are being published by reputable authors showing that differing average intelligence scores of different populations help explain both ancient and recent history, test score results, and the different achievement levels of different racial groups.

If the subject of study was some other species other than humans the debate would be over.

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by: phlogiston

It's unfortunate for the naysayers that there are so many correlations supporting differentiation of IQ among groups. Given diversity of environments and random mutations and epigenetic occurrences affecting disparate populations, it would be remarkable if IQs were "the same" among groups.

Why should other features be differentiated, such as different mechanisms for utilizing sparse oxygen in the Hima[ayas and the Andes, and yet intelligence is postulated to be a constant. There are other performance differences such as the all of the world's sprint records being held by descendants of West African blacks.

This insistence on homogenous intelligence boggles the mind. It is a matter of social doctrine in the West, and it has been the justification used to justify compensating and raising performance of blacks without addressing realistic ways of incorporating blacks in the society as other than a permanent underclass.

We might be far better off recognizing differentiated ability to function in this society, and identifying blacks with potential, and providing them with incentive and access to resources to maximize their development and achievement. The "affirmative action" programs may be a euphemistically expressed way to obtain the same result.

We are remiss, however, in not formalizing the process and for example, providing black schoolchildren in Washington, D.C. with access to private or charter schools so as to enable them to prosper in an environment conducive to learning.

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