Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test to Become A Helicopter Pilot

The alternative flight test (AFAST) measures your special aptitudes and personality characteristics that are required for becoming a helicopter pilot.

You can’t expect to join a helicopter pilot training without scoring better in AFAST or a military flight aptitude test. The test screens your suitability for a military rotor-craft pilot as well.

Structure and Scoring

Helicopter pilot training programs cost a lot to the army organization. They can’t afford to train the people and then realize that the trained pilots don’t have high aptitudes for becoming a successful helicopter pilot. In such circumstances, they not only waste money but also the hired staff becomes their liability.

The alternative flight aptitude selection test is structured to select the best candidates who have the aptitude to become good helicopter pilots. The psychologists sort out data about your motivations, leadership skills, coordination and excellent physical condition. For that purpose, they use alternative flight aptitude selection test.

You must score at least A 90 to pass the test. You have only two chances. Try to score higher on the first opportunity, and if you fail, you can muster your knowledge for the second and the last chance. However, you shall have to wait for six months before you can go for the other professional alternative flight aptitude selection test.

Seven Sub-Sections of Alternative Flight Aptitude Selection Test

You have to answer 200 questions divided into seven subtest areas within a specified time. The sections would be as under:

Section 1- Background information

You will meet 25 questions about background.

Section 2- Instrument comprehension test

An artificial horizon in an aircraft displays the aircraft attitude as it relates to the ground. You will be required to determine the position of an airplane in flight by looking at two dials, one showing the artificial horizon, the other showing the compass heading. You are required to answer 15 questions within 5 minutes.

Section 3-Complex movements test

The complicated movement test measures your ability to visualize motion by judging the distance. Five pairs of symbols are given, representing direction and distance. You will choose the one pair that represents the amount, and direction of movement to move a dot from outside a circle into the center of the ring. You shall be offered 30 questions to be solved within 5 minutes.

Section 4- Helicopter knowledge test

This sub-test deals with your general understanding of the principles of helicopter flight. A section of the alternative flight aptitude selection test focuses upon your knowledge of helicopters, preliminary flight and broad knowledge of aviation. It consists of 20 incomplete statements followed by five choices each. You shall be given just 10 minutes to answer all of the questions.

Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test

Section 5-Cyclic orientation test

This subset of the alternative flight aptitude selection test comprises of 15 questions. You get a series of three sequential pictures that represent the pilot's view out of the windshield. They change from top to bottom. You will determine which position the cyclic would be in to create the changes in the view indicated by the pictures.

Here you will have to adopt a role of a helicopter pilot. The helicopter can be climbing, diving, banking (turning) to the right or left, or in climbing or diving bank. Look at the pictures from top to bottom and decide what maneuver it is doing. Next, your task is to determine which position the cyclic (stick) would be in to perform the exercise. For items in this test, the cyclic moves are as follows:

For banks: To bank left, move the cyclic stick to the left. To bank right, move the cyclic to the right.

For climbs and dives: To dive, push the cyclic forward. To climb, pull the cyclic back.

You will have to answer fifteen questions within five minutes. 

Section 6- Mechanical functions test

This subset of the alternative flight aptitude selection test determines your understanding of general mechanical principles. You see some pictured and 20 questions on the mechanical principles illustrated, within 10 minutes.

Section 7-Self Description Questions

This subset of the alternative flight aptitude selection test asks questions about your interests, likes, and dislikes. You shall receive 75 questions to be answered within 25 minutes. 

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