An Intereting Short Story

by Swapnil Patel

Hi Friends...,

This story is about two friends. One friend is Chiku and other Meeku. They both used to study together, play together, watch movies together and enjoy all entertainment together. They both enjoyed a lot when they were together. Both friends were very best friends to each other.

When they entered college to study they decided to go in fields of their interest. Meeku got his interested field to study out but cheeku's father forced him for another field.

One day cheeku and meeku got admitted in a college to study. Meeku was very excited to study his favorite subject but Cheeku was bored with the forced choice. Day by day he was stressed and ignore to other friends in college.

Cheeku was no more smiling. Instead he was showing a nervous face. After 1 year passed Cheeku failed in his first term. He cried and was very nervous. He thought what can he do now? How to show results to his parents...?

Finally Cheeku reached his home and told his mother that he was not interested in the field which his father chose for him. So his mother decided to changed his field. Cheeku's father was angry but after some time his father decided to go with the choice of his son.

After changing cheeku's field cheeku was happy to attend the lecture in college. He started enjoying company of his friends as well. Now cheeku's confidence level was becoming higher. After 1 year passed and cheeku was got first position in his interested field. Cheeku showed his result to his friend meeku who was also happy to see his results and told cheeku that "yaar plz give me party...."cheeku told that "ok i will give it",after that cheeku was going to his home and showing result to his parents so parents were also very glad to see his results and they were proud of cheeku...

Moral of the story is "Interest is best part of our lives", whenever you are interested in one subject then no other can mess with it.....

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