Why You Must Pay Attention to Your Application for Employment

The application for employment might seem like a grueling first step to a long series of boring screening procedures but it is also a medium of giving your very first impression to the potential employer and even if first impression is not the last one, it certainly lasts for a long time.

One cannot stress enough about the importance of an appropriately filled out application form for employment. It spells out your abilities, achievements and past experiences in black and white, something that your CV or your answers during an interview might not do adequately. Therefore, it would be self-serving to learn how to fill out an application form in the best manner.

Application for Employment – An Unbiased Way of Screening Candidates

Application forms whether they are presented physically or are asked to be filled out online prove to be an efficient way of screening out the initial few candidates. Instead of searching embellished covering letters and CVs, the application for employment is an easy way to get to know each candidate without the huff and puff.

Furthermore, each applicant is required to sign the application document with his initials thereby binding the individual with the information provided by him in the document. This confirms the fact to the company that the information provided in the application by the individual is the truth to his best knowledge.

You May be Asked to Fill Out One out of the Following Applications

application for employment

Hand Written Applications

Many companies still require the candidates to submit hand written applications. An application form can be picked up from the Human Resource department of the firm and can be submitted with or without CV within the time specified.

Online Applications

Most of the larger firms now prefer online submission of application forms so that they could be entered in their databases. It takes time to fill them out as they are quite elaborate but this kind of application for employment can be filled out with convenience.

Email applications

A few times applications are sent out through email and therefore have to be filled out and returned through email.

Do’s and Don’ts of Handwritten Applications

  • Hand written applications have to be submitted in person; therefore you must pay attention of how you dress and what you say (if you meet someone) when delivering the application for employment.
  • If you are required to come to the office and then fill out the application form then do take along all of your important documents so that the information that you provide on the application can be verified easily.
  • You might want to practice a few online forms to get an idea of how long it will take and what will be asked of you.
  • If you have to fill out an electronic form at a hiring kiosk, be sure to follow the instructions very carefully before pressing any buttons and make sure you responses are accurate and error free. Take your time.
  • Once you’ve handed in your application for employment, you may be given a quick interview, so be prepared to answer some basic questions about yourself.

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Applications

Whether you’re applying directly through the company you want to work for, or using a job portal website, consider these suggestions for improving your application –

  • Make sure you have reliable access to the internet, and a valid email address.
  • The most important thing is to have an up-to-date résumé. This should have all your contact information, education and work history and references.
  • Don’t leave out any spaces unfilled before submitting the online application.

Do’s and Don’ts of Email Applications

When emailing your application for employment be sure to –

  • Include your latest résumé. It’s a good idea to attach it as a PDF document, as this can be viewed on many different computers without changing the format of your résumé.
  • Make sure your cover letter has been altered to apply for the relevant job. It would be very embarrassing to send a cover letter for a different position.
  • Include the job title and your name in subject of the email.
  • Use professional language in your email, and correct any grammatical errors. Address the person receiving the email as, ‘Dear Mr or Ms (Insert surname)’ or if you don’t know who’s receiving your message, ‘To whom it may concern’. End your message, with ‘Kind regards’.
  • Use the body of the email to give a very brief overview of your suitability for the position.

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