Aptitude Questions and Answers: How to Prepare For Them

Aptitude refers to the future ability of an individual to complete a task that involves specific skill sets. An aptitude test, therefore, is an apt instrument to measure whether or not an individual bears an aptitude for a particular kind of job or not and hence these tests are often part of a screening process when the right candidates are picked for a job or an educational institution. While the aptitude tests taken at different places and for different levels might vary, similar types of aptitude questions and answers are found on each one of them. 

A Chance to Practice

Numerous practice aptitude tests are available online for students and job searchers. Often these could be downloaded, and if not, you can only attempt them on the websites and have your scores measured. You are also going to find sample aptitude questions and answers on the web in which the purpose of the problem and the solution of the answer, both, are explained for the individual to gain a better understanding of how such questions are attempted.

What you are Going to Learn Here

In this article, you are going to find about the kinds of questions included in aptitude tests and what their answers could be. You are also going to learn about the different facts that you should be focusing on when giving the aptitude test.

Things You Should Know About the Aptitude Questions and Answers

aptitude questions and answers

a.  One thing that you must know is that the questions on an aptitude test are almost always to be answered from the multiple choice of solutions provided. Therefore there is still a chance present of selecting a definite correct answer.

b.  Another fact is that the questions might be more comfortable at the beginning of the aptitude test, so you must not indulge leisurely in them as the questions tend to get difficult as you proceed through the analysis. Very few candidates can complete all of the questions in the time allotted. So focus on the aptitude questions with answers that are correct and move on to the next as early as you can.

c. Your results are not compared to some standard test results or key. In fact, they are compared with the results of the control group who had taken the test earlier on. This team could be made of graduates, job seekers or just a sampling group received from a certain population.

What kind of aptitude questions and answers to expect 

The questions on an aptitude test are usually categorized depending upon the type they belong to. For example, some questions are designed to judge the individual’s calculative capability, whereas others assess reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Below are listed some of the categories from which aptitude questions and answers you should search for, to be well prepared for the aptitude test.

a.  Numerical Aptitude Questions

The questions in this part are all numerical based or are related to the simple mathematical operations. You would either be asked to complete a number series or solve a problem.

b.  Verbal Aptitude Questions

The questions in this category are language and comprehension based. For example, you could be given a small paragraph and be asked to answer the questions related to it by selecting one answer from the multiple choices offered.

c.  Abstract Reasoning Questions

In this segment, your reasoning capability is judged or how you conceptualize a situation to solve a problem. The aptitude questions with answers in this category will help in measuring your fluid intelligence or lateral thinking skills which translates to your ability to identify patterns, trends, and logic. For example, you would be asked to complete a series of images by selecting the right one from the multiple choice.

d.  Spatial Aptitude Questions

The spatial ability of an individual is the capacity to comprehend and remember the existing spatial relations between the given objects. This is a unique form of intelligence which is very different from the abilities of the human brain mentioned above.

For example, an image of a shape will be provided, and you will be asked to choose from the various set of pieces that you might think would help to recreate the same shape.

e.  Mechanical Aptitude Questions

These tests help in determining the presence of an understanding of mechanical principles and the knowledge required to apply them wherever needed to solve the problems. For example, you would be asked to calculate the force used according to the image given.

Practice with Free Aptitude Tests

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