Aptitude Test Free Of Cost Doesn't Mean An Aptitude Test is Free Of Side Effects

Having a managerial economics background, I know for sure no lunch is free. Similarly, an aptitude test which claims to be free is not free at all. The minimum exchange is of your time and email address which the marketers love to follow for their bread and butter.  Aptitude test free of cost serves to be a practicing tool to learn what kind of questions you can face during your real-life psychological session. 

The aptitude tests are significantly used in the business world to assess your thinking performance and logical reasoning. Now, most organizations are using ability tests to be an integral part of their recruitment process. Such tests are considered very useful in understanding the strengths, talents, and weaknesses of the candidates. 

Like any other free tool, the aptitude tests have some drawbacks.  For example, a hammer is an excellent tool for driving nails into materials; however, it can hurt the user even when you are using it intentionally. Similar is the case for aptitude tests free of cost. While these tests may be very effective in certain forms of evaluation but, unfortunately, they can fall flat in other aspects. These tests can have side effects like misrepresenting the abilities and talents of the test-taker.

It is very important that before taking an aptitude test, you should initially decide what you want to accomplish. Are you willing to test your vocational, skills, professional ability or testing your intelligence?

What are the side effects of Aptitude test free?

There are several side effects of free aptitude tests which include the following:

•    Aptitude tests do not necessarily result in good performance: The point that you have the aptitude to do something does not necessarily mean that you can perform better in it. Alongside aptitude, there are several other factors that will impact your performance. Other factors that can hinder performance include motivation, interest, and training.

•    Cultural biases: Your abilities and accomplishments are primarily based on experiences like your home setting, upbringing, opportunities, and education.  These factors affect the results of aptitude tests. An example of this is that if an aptitude test demands proficiency in English language and it is not your mother tongue, then you can get disqualified very easily despite your other abilities. Undertaking an expensive preparation course is a good tool to succeed in aptitude tests.

•    These tests can favor ‘non-thinkers’: One side effect of aptitude test is that they can favor people who can memorize. These tests are standardized tests, and many people can learn these tests by essentially hacking them. For example, you can easily attain a median score in the multiple choice section of mathematics by using a rough estimation in eliminating those answers that are very outlying. This can be taken as a simple technique and can be used in an aptitude test to increase your chances of high score exponentially.

•    These tests strip test-takers from identity: This is that actual point which behavioral aptitude tests can do best, stripping the person willing to take the test from identity so that there is left no apparent difference in the results. This ensures that the process is ethical and avoids favoritism. The business world of today has evolved greatly, and individualism is not only respected but, commended as well. Moreover, enthusiasm drives fast thinking and is also a valuable attribute which can be easily purged by standardized tests. 

•    Test anxiety: Aptitude test free of cost imposes a psychological effect which can negatively impact the performance of the candidates known to have test anxiety. This stress level can become evident itself psychosomatically and in the form of different symptoms of increased heart rate and blood pressure, tightening of chest, dizziness, and shortening of breath. In addition to this, even the emotional impacts tend to inhibit the performance of an individual which can cost a valid and viable candidate.

Free aptitude test is a good way to determine the abilities and personality traits of a person without spending any money. However, you will have to compromise on their quality, your identity, and the results. When most of the companies offering practice tests offering the refund, why not try them?

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