Authentic Ways to Maximize Your Intelligence- A Professional Guided Tour into Brain Functioning- First Review Unedited

by Dr. Shahzad Tahir

"You cannot teach a man or woman anything; you can only help them to find it within themselves." Galileo

Writing a review for a book which is devoid of Grisham’s court room thrill and didn’t seem a Dan Brown page turner at first glance was a difficult task. Moreover a book by a civil servant working on administrative posts holding degrees in finance and all the unemotional sub specialties.

Well to my surprise it was not a boring experience rather a very well balanced analytic effort which may serve as guide for those who are inquisitive about the word "IQ". I being a student of brain am a strong believer that this few ounce network of neurons has an unbelievable ability to update its software, build new networks and has unimaginable data storage capacity.

Mr. Saqib Ali Ateel creates guiding a tour in a very professional way, leaving no stone unturned. He's realistic about IQ's genetic loading while denouncing that it is a static state. On the topic of mental exercises, he loudly chants, "Use it don't loose it.” He gives a thorough insight of how someone can maximize the potential of their brain by using different tools other than standard online apps and games.

A very interesting fact that there is no single credible method to size human intelligence makes IQ a slightly relative term. An autistic with IQ of 170 and a university dropout being a business genius are few example that how complex it is to size IQ. The author has sincerely has put his heart and soul in his effort to encourage those who want to train their brain. I wish that Mr. Saqib Ali Ateel will continue his journey as a guide lightning the pathway for those who wish to explore and enhance their potential.

Dr. Shahzad Tahir
Fellow Community Psych (WHO)
DAYTOP Graduate (NY, USA)
Certified INL USA & Pengasih Malaysia
Member Asian Federation for Therapeutic Communities

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Mar 31, 2015
Thanks Dr. Shahzad Tahir
by: Saqib Ali

Before launching my book "Authentic Ways to Maximize Your Intelligence", I asked my friend David Dundas from UK for an advice to get a few reviews and recommendations about my new book. He shocked me with his online experience that most of the reviews and recommendations about online products are fake.

You can’t imagine how important it was to get a first simple but real review for my new book. However, I had not imagine to get that from a practicing psychologist having education and professional background from a few of the best institutions in the world.

I am grateful to you Dr. Shahzad Tahir for your time and effort that you have put into your sincere review. Your words are encouraging for me. They shall also help other visitors to decide whether they need to purchase the book for a deep understanding of brain fitness, intelligence and IQ scoring.

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