Big five personality test

by Stanley

What kind of a person would you describe yourself?

What is your personality type?

These are common questions that you may want to know the answers to. The easiest way to find out what kind of a person you are, and what your personality type is, is to take a personality test. There are literally hundreds of different personality tests available in today's modern world. Most personality tests are not accurate at all, but there are a few that are quite accurate. One of such tests is the Big Five personality test.

The Big Five personality test is a common name to any test which bases measurement on the Big Five personality traits. There are five main categories that your personality is scored against, when taking any Big Five personality test. These categories include Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Any Big Five personality test will score your test results based on these five categories, ranking in percentiles. For instance, someone who is highly neurotic will score a very high percentile on the Neuroticism portion of the Big Five personality test. Test results for the Big Five personality test are based on percentile averages. It means that even if you score high on a category, it must be significantly high compared to other test results in order to be significant. These five categories may have different meanings from what you expect, read on to find out what these categories really mean to you:


Openness refers to your openness to experience. This relates to an active imagination, sensitivity to others' feelings, curiosity, and a preference to variety. People who score a higher percentile in this category tend to enjoy trying new things in life, and are not usually the type of person that has or enjoys a daily routine.


Conscientiousness refers to your tendency to be painstakingly careful in matters of your personal life. Self-discipline, thoroughness, and great deliberation in decisions are personality traits associated with this category. People who score higher in this category are typically hard working, dedicated, and careful in their decisions. In extreme cases, they can be considered workaholics, and even obsessive-compulsive.


Extraversion refers to your interest in seeking the company of others. Personality traits covered under this category include being social, outspoken, and easily excited in social situations. People who score high on this category tend to be assertive, sociable, and excitement seekers. People who score low in this category tend to be more recluse, and tend to avoid social situations or awkwardness.


Agreeableness refers to your tendency to be pleasant in social situations. Personality traits covered under this category include empathy, friendliness, and helpfulness to strangers and friends alike. People who score high on this category tend to be caring people, who have an optimistic view of society, and of human nature itself. People who score lower in this category tend to be pessimists, at least in regard to human nature and society.


Neuroticism refers to your tendency to basically have negative emotional feelings. Personality traits covered under this category can range from anxiety, anger, and even depression. People who score high in this category tend to be shy, have anxiety disorders, and even may experience severe phobias.

Though it is not an ideal test for all means yet it is important to measure people for specific kinds of jobs.

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