Your Color Can't Limit the Genius; This Black Boy Gets Higher Scores On IQ Test Than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates & Albert Einstein

You might have been hearing about people who are naturally gifted. They may have photogenic memories, unbelievable mathematical or linguistic skills or super spatial intelligence. No doubt people with average intelligence can improve their skills, but it has always been interesting to know such people are born genius. 

Ramarni Wilfred is one such boy of 15 years who has scored 162. Do you know Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein are attributed a score of 160 which puts Ramarni on a higher pedestal? This score also puts him in top 1% population of the United Kingdom as far as the IQ score is concerned.

Early Signs of Giftedness

Mr. Wilfred had started signs of giftedness as a toddler, and his favorite book had been an encyclopedia. He could write as well read when he started pre-school. He was competent enough to write a paper on philosophy at Oxford University. His mother was not initially ready to let him promoted to the next class but soon he was telling Greek and Latin origins of words. 

Anthea, his mother, said.

“I have been asked several times today, the secret to how I raised my son to be the way he is,” continues Anthea. “My answer has been: I wish there was a secret, in which case I would gladly share it but honestly, it’s all him. He has always been very articulate and studios with an intense thirst for knowledge. He has never been interested in playing in the streets; favoring books over ball games. The same is true of my daughter who,……at 20yrs old, graduated from university with a B.S. in Psychology.”

“All I have done is support their interests and encourage them to follow their dreams. We enjoy cultural holidays abroad; meeting the locals and sharing their food, visiting historical places of interest instead of sitting by the pool all day. We watch meteor showers together, go fossil hunting, watch plays at the theatre and visit museums. Always seeking new experiences and finding new and alternative answers to our questions. These family outings are fun and create wonderful family memories and reward us with valuable knowledge. I would suggest everyone do these things with their children. For us, it was just natural and as a single parent I relish every precious moment with my children.”

What is in it for you when this black boy gets higher IQ scores?

You can see with such a natural gift Mr. Wilfred is in top 1% population of the United Kingdom. You may be in 99% but your chances to succeed are as good as Wilfred has. In the routine, you have to compete against the 99% for any admission or a job contract. If your main hurdle is some kind of intelligence test then you need to prepare well before entering your examination center. 

Original Source: Black Doctor

Black Intelligence

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