Bleach Personality Test; Another Fun Test Following Traditional Comics

Bleach is a Japanese comic book series first published in August of 2001 that focuses on the life of the fictitious character Ichigo Kurosaki.  The comic is available in many languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese. 

In this comic book series (particularly referred to as manga, or traditional comics that are based on honor and respect for the character's enemies and friends alike), Ichigo accidentally is granted the powers of a mystical being called a shinigami. 

A shinigami is very similar to the western mystical being called the Grim Reaper.  Ichigo's adventures mainly focus on his duties to protect everyday people from evil spirits and to guard and guide dead souls to the underworld, or afterlife.  Ichigo is a high school student, and most of the other characters of Bleach are his classmates.  Throughout his adventures and trials, Ichigo relies on his friends and makes new friends in this manga series. 

Bleach is a natural candidate for a personality test, because the characters in Bleach are all very much different from each other, with some characters acting sober and dedicated, while others are flighty and rude.  

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A Bleach personality test is an informal and fun test that you can take which will try to decide which Bleach character you are most suited to.  In a Bleach personality test, a short series of questions are asked of you that pertain to your lifestyle.  Typically, in the most accurate tests, more than ten questions will be asked.  These problems usually involve whether or not you are a violent person, whether you hold your friendships and loyalties in high regard, and whether you are an outgoing person. 

At the end of the test, you are given your results, which you can share with your friends by email, or by a web blog.  A Bleach personality test is fun and can tell you quite a bit about your friends and family members, by comparing your personality with that of many different Bleach characters.

The characters that are on a Bleach personality test include:

  • Ishida Uryuu (someone who is best described as a loner, who lives by a strict sense of honor), 
  • Hitsugaya Toushirou (someone who is loving, smart,  and protects those that you care about), 
  • Kuchiki Rukia (someone who is easily cherished, and friendly), 
  • Abarai Renji (someone who hides their true feelings on the inside, but would gladly die for anyone that you care about), 
  • Ukitate Jyuushirou (someone who is popular, and lets your emotions control you), and 
  • Urahara Kisuke (someone who is wise, but does not waste time with people that do not have potential). 

When taking a Bleach personality test, try to be as truthful as possible about yourself, since this is just a fun test.  When you are finished with the test, that is when the real fun begins!  Your test results will be displayed with a picture of the character which suits you most, as well as a short description of that character's advantages and disadvantages of their personality.

When you are finished with your Bleach personality test, you can quickly email, or post the results on a website or web blog.  There are many different Bleach tests available on the Internet, with the most accurate ones asking more than ten questions on your values of honor and social attitude.  Often, the test creators will have the website HTML code ready for you, so that you just copy and paste the HTML code into your website, My Space page, or web blog.  Once you have finished with your test, be sure to share the results with your friends and family members!

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