Can doing brain games or applications help improve your IQ and brain function?

It is curious how advancements in modern technology have far-reaching consequences. It is funny how ten years ago, there was an explosion in brain games. One of the major contributors to this was Nintendo. They used Brain Training as a selling tool for their DS platform.

You will discover here that the use of brain training is practical. You will also be reminded of the old saying “Practice makes perfect.”

The opponents claim that mind training can’t increase your intelligence. The supporters are bringing statistical data to prove that practicing IQ tests or playing mind games can help you to raise your IQ scores.

What is essential for you?

If you are looking for a job and want to learn IQ test pattern in a fun way, then the practice of IQ tests should be your choice.

How can practice help improve your IQ?

brain game

Like anything in life, practice helps. The South African golfer Gary player says ‘The harder I practice, the luckier I get.' It is the same with using brain applications. Imagine if we never got better at something no matter how hard we tried. Imagine how many road accidents there would be if we all drove the way we did when we were learning to drive.

Have you ever tried any of wide range of brain applications or games available?

If you go through brain games you will know that some are simple, but some very difficult. They are great fun to practice for a pressing job screening session. That is what made IQ tests so addictive and why they remain so. Players want to get smarter to enable them to do better and score higher. They appeal to our competitive nature.

And the way you get better and score higher is through practice?

There are a variety of tools to boost your IQ test scores including software, brain games, and IQ tests. That is because there is no set test to calculate your IQ. Every test has different questions. However, they all follow a format.

Using mind games helps you understand the format and score well. You don’t need to suffer from exam nerves either if you are familiar with the types of questions.

However, these games are not just for fun. There is a serious side to them. Improving your IQ means improving your mental ability. That in itself is a skill. So, imagine you are taking an aptitude test for a job opportunity. Now you will understand why being as ‘sharp’ as possible matters.

Using mind applications will mentally prepare you for an aptitude test too.

There is nothing bad about brain games and applications?

You only have to Google ‘brain games’ to instantly discover how popular they are. The problem is, very few of them are regulated. Many are of a very similar style, but they are poorly calibrated. There may be games which challenge your mental agility, but are they relevant to improving your IQ? Because of a lack of regulation, you can’t tell if one game works and another doesn’t. But none of them do any harm.

Before the arrival of the PC and smartphones, there were perhaps half a dozen books full of examples and tests for improving your IQ. With ‘interaction’ being a buzzword for applications, beyond entertainment-orientated apps, mental challenges are also a trendy choice. Many parents have realized that a tablet or smartphone can help their children to learn when they think they are just having fun.

Many of the visual identification challenges help to improve recognitions kills. Word games enhance verbal reasoning and mental ability. There is another ubiquitous expression, which is ‘Use it or lose it.' This often applies to prepaid mobile phone tariffs, but equally applies to your brain function. If you don’t keep exercising your brain, it will slow down. To stay sharp, you need to practice challenging yourself. That is where brain games to increase IQ are an excellent idea.

Not only do they give you the chance to improve your IQ, but they also help to keep your brain extremely active. However, when you are young, any edge you can get in a competitive world is a good thing. If you go for a job interview, anything that will help you stand out is good. Having an IQ higher than other applicants for a job will be a great help. Practicing brain games is the ideal preparation for taking an IQ test, and also preparing for a job interview.

Considerable research has been carried out to see if certain brain games can improve your IQ. There would appear to be two sides as there often is in an argument. Some people argue that because intelligence is different to a learned action, you cannot improve intellect. Its level is natural. However, the other school of thought believes anything can be improved if you work at it. That includes intelligence. Consequently using brain games to increase IQ is an appropriate action.

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