Career Assessment Tests: What is Their Worth?

Personality tests, IQ tests, Cognitive Ability and Career Assessment Tests are all different forms of testing methods which are used at various points in time to measure several capabilities that an individual may harbor. The results can be used to assess presence or absence of specific traits and characteristics in a person.

You can take some of these tests online.  Most of them conducted in a prescribed manner, and environment and the results are then skillfully compiled and examined. A career assessment test is one such example that you may want to take yourself and get the results online to make a career assessment for yourself. It will help you sketch out a rough plan about the profession that you are most suited for.

This test is also conducted by the recruitment teams of various companies to screen out the candidates that best match to job profiles of a hiring company.

How attitude matters in aptitude tests

When you go with a positive mind, every examination becomes a career opportunity. Most of the aptitude tests may not declare you fail or pass yet they can identify your capabilities and skill level. You might have heard stories when an individual was outstanding in written test and interviews, but he was subjected to a "suitability" for specific jobs.

So a positive attitude always helps the candidates because an individual with a confident countenance is beneficial to have around in the atmosphere of the office. Not only does he influence the work environment, but he also has the drive to achieve high.

Uses of Career Assessment Tests

career assessment tests

There are three general sets of career assessment test.


The first category is about testing the aptitude which deals with the presence or absence of abilities to handle your desired career.  For example, engineers might be asked to take a skills test to prove their merit.


The second set of career screening test involves testing the attitude. These are somewhat harder because they intend to find out if you will fit in with the company. Most companies have a reasonably consistent corporate culture. They attempt to look for the people having similar attitudes and work ethics. So when you are good enough to pass such a test in a company, you will go through others too.

Academic Skills

The third set of assessment test is those administered at the academic level or as a general exam for applicants to large companies. These tests are a hybrid of skills testing, aptitude testing, and attitude testing.

Ideally, if the person takes the test honestly at the school level, it will reveal what the person in question might be good at. For example, a test might show that you are a good mechanic or potentially a good doctor.

As a word of caution, these tests are not meant to the straight jacket you. Just because it says, your present aptitude is going to make you a good doctor it does not mean you cannot follow your passion and become an engineer.

Preparing for Assessment Tests

A career assessment test is not something that you can quickly prepare for. You can rely on your acquired skills, academic achievements, experience, and attitude to take you to where you want to be. It could help to improve your attitude, gain some knowledge and take sample tests online but other than that you must rely on your fate.

Each firm might have a different form of career assessment test designed to assess the applicants, so there is no single way of preparing or giving tests. Believe in yourself, don’t lie and give your 100%.

For the attitude test perhaps a research into the history and culture of the company that you are applying for might help. If you can identify the top traits they value, maybe then you can emphasize these qualities in you.

Don’t Provide a False Picture of Yourself and What You Have to Offer – You will Hurt No One But Yourself

Be honest during the attitude assessment. Even if you want to put your best foot forward, it is not right to lie. Mugging up on knowledge for the skills assessment is a good thing but only if you have the diligence to keep yourself at that level of skill through-out your career.

On the other hand, there is nothing to be afraid of a career assessment test. Frankly speaking, the worst thing you can do is be anxious, nervous or negative before or during giving a test. If you don’t do good in a single career assessment test, then remind yourself that there are going to be plenty of other choices to prove yourself and that you are probably not meant to be a part of that particular set up.

Practice with Free Aptitude Tests

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