How a career change test can alter your future

It doesn’t matter if you are twenty-four or fifty-four, the opportunity to change your career can appear in your lives at any time.

It is not surprising that 67% workers in the USA are dissatisfied with their jobs. If you are one of them, it is natural to be frustrated with your current situation for any of the reasons including pay package, working hours or environment.

Are you thinking of change? 

Knowing whether it is going to be a good move before you make it will help. A career change test can help you. Such analysis is also called a job change test, a profession change test or a vocation change test.

Assessing what you are giving up is as important as what you may gain. Any career change will significantly affect your future.

Why the need to change career?

There is no definitive answer to this question.

There are many reasons why you may find yourself looking to change direction. One of the main reasons in an economic depression can simply be redundancy – being let go from your current employment. A poor economy can also lead to restrictions in income and opportunities for promotion.

If you are young, a career change test can be a good option if you are having second thoughts about your current career path. It may be that you are finding the work you do too challenging. You may have really struggled to get the necessary qualifications. You may be in debt after your time at college and are not earning enough to pay off your debts.

If you are slightly older, you may be looking at long-term security having started a family. You may find that you can be guaranteed more work if you opt for a different profession. You may feel you have just had enough doing what you do and want a change. This is not uncommon when people realize just how long you are at work for during your life.

There is an expression about life that goes ‘You only come this way once’. The intention behind that saying is to encourage you to make the most of life. That includes making the most out of your work. That is why many people in their forties suddenly decide to change careers completely, whether they have taken a job change test or not.

It is only when you talk to people about their lives, do you realize just how many of them have changed career. You may find a teacher has decided to become a nurse, or a nurse has decided to become a dog groomer. There are no rules and regulations regarding what you can change your career to, which is why taking a vocation change test can be such a good idea.

What does a career change test identify?

The word ‘test’ can often be misleading as it implies that it is something you have to pass. It is not the case with a profession change test. In the simplest of terms, this type of analysis is designed to assess whether your present circumstances make a career change seem a sensible option. After all, you can’t just focus on what you have to gain, but what you may also lose out on.

For example, you might be working for a company like Rolls Royce but have become bored and wanted a change of direction. A profession change test will get you to look at your present circumstances. It will likely ask you if you have ever been promoted. It will ask you what your chances of future promotion are.

The job change test will also assess the financial situation regarding your work concerning future options. It may look at pension rights. It may seem at the difference in salaries today. It may sound at the difference in wages in the future. A job change test may also look at job security.

Rolls Royce is considered to be a relatively ‘safe’ company. The chances of it going out of business are remote. However, if you are giving up your job with Rolls Royce to open up a restaurant, the career change test will get you to weigh up the difference in risk factors.

As mentioned, a career change test is very different to a career test.

career change test

The career change test is not so concerned with testing your ability to do something. The career change test is geared more towards making a full assessment of your current work situation. It will also take in to account how you feel about your ongoing work. The test takes in to consider all angles regarding what any of us do for a living.

There is another expression in life, and that is ‘You never know what you have until it is gone.' A career change test is often an excellent idea because it will make you think very carefully about what you have and what you are leaving behind. Usually, people can forget that with promotion you can change everything that you do. It is handy for those who are unable to cope with too much routine in their work schedule.

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