How do you know you have made the correct career decision?

It is challenging to imagine what your life will be like at forty when you are only seventeen at the time. As a consequence, the importance of making the correct career decision is almost impossible to comprehend. I can’t make that choice for you, but hopefully, I can steer you away from making a wrong decision.

How do you avoid the obvious  mistakes when making a career decision?

I sometimes wonder what attracts some people to a particular career path. It is especially when they have so little natural aptitude for the work they do. There are good dentists, and there are bad dentists. So why did a lousy dentist decide to become a dentist? You could ask the same about good and bad children’s entertainers. What about right and bad gardeners, or good and bad salespersons?

Can you imagine what life must be like for someone who spends forty-five years at work doing something they don’t enjoy, or they aren’t very good at? At a young age, it seems hard to comprehend, but sadly there are a lot of people out there who are mainly in the wrong job. So how did they end up doing what they do?

Some factors can quickly affect a career choice. Often it can be your home environment and the nature of work your parents do. Perhaps your father is a dentist. You may see that as a good career choice because you know a great deal about the work involved. Maybe you live in a luxury home and can see the attraction of a dentist’s income. Perhaps your parents have suggested you consider dentistry as a career option. Is dentistry a right career decision because “people will always need dentists”?

Of course, there is always the situation where you are expected to go into the ‘family business.' Many parents work hard to create an established family business to leave their children a legacy. The pressure not to appear a disappointment can be immense. Deciding to join the family business purely to make others happy is a wrong career choice.

So what if you have no personal ambitions career-wise?

career decision

It can then be straightforward to be swayed by the opinions of others. If you are bright enough to qualify as a dentist, then there will always be pressure on you not to waste your education and to choose a ‘good profession.' It can be all too easy to follow the suggestions of others purely because you have no ideas of your own.

Of course, it could be the total opposite. You may have always known you wanted to do. Perhaps you want to become an engineer. However, you have always struggled with mathematics and mental arithmetic. It is going to make qualifying as an engineer incredibly tricky. Because engineering is such a precise field, the math involved leaves no room for error.

Do you think you will be a successful engineer when you are always struggling with one of the most critical elements of engineering? But what are your options if you want to make one career decision, but your skills set suggests you aren’t suited to that type of work.

Making the most of guiding hand

In your last year before leaving school, there is immense pressure on you to make a favorable career decision. Maybe you know, or perhaps you do not have a clue what you want to do with your life. Taking a career aptitude test can prove very beneficial. For those who are committed to their career choice, an aptitude test can provide reassurance. For those who have no idea what they want to do, discovering where your character and personality strengths lie can be very beneficial.

Making a right career decision is far more likely if you know what you are good at. Personal strengths are critical to making a success of the work you choose to do for the rest of your life. If you have no idea what you want to do, aptitude tests are brilliant for helping point you in the right direction. As necessary, discovering more about your personality and personal skills can ensure you avoid the type of career path that would be wholly unsuitable.

A guiding hand in the form of aptitude tests will help you immensely. These tests can give you confidence in the career decision you have made. If you need guidance, these tests can help you look at the best options. Above all, aptitude and personality tests can save you from taking a wrong turn early on in your life.

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