Color Personality Test, Accuracy and Related Issues

A color personality test is a test that tries to determine what type of person you are, usually based on many questions related to different colors. Although these are tedious, they often reveal quite a bit of information about your personality. It is relatively a newcomer to the personality test market. In this test, your perception of different colors is measured. It is new but fast and easy. Let's an in-depth look at the color test and see whether it is right for you.

A typical color personality test starts out by asking you to select colors or shapes which you think describe yourself the best. These patterns are varied, but usually contain colorful swirls, and lines within them. Once you have selected the shapes that you feel represent you the most, you are then allowed to see your test results. The test results contain categories such as your relationships with others, and how you work with others.

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Accuracy of the color personality test

Now, at this point, you probably think that a test like this is too good to be true, correct? Well, you may be correct. A color personality test is not scientifically backed, nor have any studies been performed on this relatively new test. Also, there are numerous avenues for test inaccuracy, such as color and shape perception.

Color perception is probably the most significant issue with a color personality test. Most people have the same kind of emotions with colors such as black (associated with dreariness, or death), white (associated with purity), and red (associated with intensity, or fire). However, some people do not have the like associations. For instance, it is common in some Hindu cultures to associate the color white with death, since the dead are wrapped in white garments at a Hindu funeral. Also, some people in this world are racist and consider any color but theirs to be evil and impure. Although this is an extreme example, it is a valid example nonetheless.

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Another example of color perception issues is with people who are color blind. Color blindness affects an estimated 1 out of every 12 people in the United States alone. Further, males have a much higher level of color blindness- 8%, compared to women's .4%. As you can see, such a test that only asks you to select colors cannot be accurate given these simple statistics. Even if the test logic were perfect, there would still be an 8% skew, with the color-blind population.

Moving past the color issues that are present in many personality tests with color, there is a simple fact that selecting colors which you feel represents you, cannot be accurate. A simple, less than a 5-minute test that only asks you which colors you like tells us very little about your personality. Why waste your time when there are quality tests, that take just as long to complete?

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Better Options

If you happen to like receiving a color answer for your personality test, consider taking the Hartman Personality Tests. These tests are based on research and are better than others in the market. Although they are not as fast as the personality tests with color, they will save you time in the long run. Test results on the Hartman tests are calculated, and your results are displayed as a color, rather than a score. The Hartman tests are just as fun in the long run, and you may agree to somewhat that they are accurate.

If you happen to see any of color personality test on the Internet, do yourself a favor and don't bother taking them. There are many good personality tests out there on the Internet, and you shouldn't waste your time with something so inaccurate and trivial. You may even find a free quality tool to measure your personality.

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