How to Encounter Defense Language Aptitude Battery?

Your previously acquired foreign language skills may not be helpful while encountering defense language aptitude battery. The psychologists create a fake language, fake grammatical rules, and artificial phonetic coding. But you have to apply them correctly to select your answer.

On the other hand, your English language proficiency may help you to understand the underlying structure of the fake language offered.  This article may help you with other tips to go through your real-life defense language aptitude battery.

Important Tips

You will find very few study guides to prepare for your DLAB. The reason is that every psychologist builds his fake language and fake grammar. In fact, a guide written for one test will not be useful for another session. However, it is not a rocket science to understand the underlying principles. 

Grammar and Syntax

If you don't have a good understanding of English language grammar and syntax, your fluency is not sufficient. You need to know how verbs, objectives, adjectives, and possessives work?

Manipulation of Grammatical Rules

Without knowing the existing grammar rules, you can't handle the fakely built language and its fake grammatical structure. You need to manipulate your past morphological experience while tackling a defense language aptitude battery. When you are given a rule that adjectives follow nouns, then it's not a 'blue dog' no matter how many times audio repeats it, it's a 'dog blue.'

Structure of Sentences

Your understanding of the structure of the English sentences like subject-verb-object is convenient while understanding the fake language offered. You should know how English sentences are constructed, i.e. Subject-Verb-Object. Recognize accentuation, syllable breaks, word patterns etc.

For example you want to be a German linguist. Observe how the sentences differ from those of English. A good way is to know the letters pronounced in other languages

Repetition of Questions

Keep your ears open to the audio portion of the exam as there is no repetition of the questions. You are required to reply in a small pause during the audio playing. If you fail to respond to a question, forget that and move to the next item. Otherwise, you'll miss the next question too. 

There is a question then small pause for you to answer, then another question. If you cannot answer one question, don't think and concentrate on the beginning of next inquest. Be careful in this part.

Scoring in Defense Language Aptitude Battery

Your scores in the defense language aptitude battery determine which language you are going to study. There are four categories of ratings:

  • Score 85 and above qualifies you for the first group of languages; French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.
  • Score 90 and above qualifies you for the second category of languages such German
  • Score 95 and above qualifies you to learn the third category of languages such as Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Pashto, Persian [Dari], Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Tagalog [Pilipino], Thai, Turkish, Uzbek, Vietnamese, etc.
  • Score 100 qualifies you to learn the fourth category of languages such as Arabic, Chinese [Mandarin], Japanese, and Korean

What does defense language aptitude battery measure?

No doubt the psychometrics have become highly sophisticated tools to screen out the bad hire. A bit of background information regarding such a quality sessions like DLAB can be helpful while tackling a defense battery. When you understand what qualities a professional DLAB requires from the candidates, it becomes a lot easier to sharpen them for your examination. There are 126 questions in a DLAB that you are supposed to answer correctly. You have to keep in mind the following: 

Phonetic Coding

The battery tries to measure your abilities to segment and identify distinct sounds, to form associations between those sounds and symbols representing them, and to retain these associations.

Grammatical Sensitivity

The DLAB also measures your ability to recognize the grammatical functions of words or other linguistic structures in sentences.

Rote Learning Ability

People vary in their ability for rote learning. The defense aptitude battery tries to determine your level of rote learning ability.

Inductive Language Learning Ability

Can you infer the rules that govern the use of languages? Your ability to follow fake regulations are also analyzed.

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