Defense Language Aptitude Tests

Can you learn the foreign languages? The hiring companies require such tools to find an answer to this vital question. The defense language aptitude tests are designed to measure either your previously acquired foreign language skills or your tendency to learn them. In the first instance, the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) is used. However, Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) is used to select candidates for foreign language learning/training purposes.

Scoring of Defense Language Aptitude Tests

The defense aptitude tests rate you like 0, 1, 1+, 2, 2+, or 3. The highest number 3 is considered the best competitive score. Phonetic coding, foreign language syntax, and structures are tested to see your acquired skill or aptitude for foreign languages.

The Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) is nothing more than an achievement test. When you are better skilled, you shall get a better rating. Better vocabulary, grammar knowledge, and phonetic skills can help you a lot. However, Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) is a bit tricky and needs particular attention.

Structure of Defense Language Aptitude Battery

The defense language aptitude battery is consists of two primary sets of the aptitude tests; audio and visual. The battery offers multiple choice questionnaire about a fake foreign-language. You are not allowed to repeat answers to any question. You need not only to be careful while making a choice but also speedy because defense language aptitude tests are time limited.

The tape starts and continues without repetition!

Defense Language Aptitude Battery; Audio Segment

Where to use Stress?

Different stress upon different words changes their meanings. An audio tape is used to pronounce four different words. One of these words will have a different stress pattern than the others. You are to recognize and select that word on your answer sheet.

Fake Rules for the Fake Language

In this part of the audio segment, you are introduced to fake rules to a modified English language (created for the test).

For example, you may be given a rule that ‘all nouns are preceded by verbs or nouns and verbs will always end in the same vowel sound.'

You would then translate a given English phrase into a phrase compatible with the fake rules of the phony language.

For example, you are shown the phrase "The car moves," followed by four choices:

A-"movsie, carie;"

B-"carie movsie;"

C-"movsie cario;"

D-"caro movn."

Your answer should be "A" because the verb precedes the noun and both end in the same vowel sound.

Be cautious!!

Most of the defense language aptitude tests follow different fake rules for different counterfeit languages. You may be asked to express possessions, noun acting on another noun with a verb, etc. The audio segment finally combines all these rules to test your understanding of long sentences.

Defense Aptitude Language Tests; Visual Segment

During your defense aptitude language tests, you are shown pictures with some unique labels. For instance, you get a picture of an umbrella word "Dasa." And a picture of a man with a label of "Mersa." Then there might be a picture of a man under the umbrella which would read "Mersadasa."

By analyzing your skills to handle these pictures with fake words and the making of phrases, your aptitude to learn a foreign language is measured. But unlike the audio section, you can go back and forth to name unrelated pictures, words and rules.

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