Significance of Emotional Intelligence Test During and Post-COVID-19 Scenario

Emotional intelligence is the most crucial property in the COVID-19 period and afterward. Lock-down, death toll, and fear have captivated human beings. Emotional IQ has got more attention during the pandemic.  It is essential to understand how to manage your stress in these turbulent times. How much empathy do you show towards poor ones? How much light do you see at the end of the COVID funnel? How do you manage to live normally in isolation as a new normal? What are you planning for the post-COVID period? A lot of more such questions have made a high emotional intelligence a pillar of recovery.

Emotional intelligence test

It is valuable to understand EQ and emotional intelligence tests. Especially when millions are getting unemployed, and the post-Covid survivor companies shall require new candidates exhibiting a high level of emotional intelligence. 

Emotional IQ is a social competence type that involves your ability to respond wisely by discriminating, controlling, and monitoring emotions of self and others. EQ connects the knowledge processes of a person with his or her emotional processes. The emotional intelligence test is one assessment form that evaluates where a person ranks in terms of controlling and discriminating their emotions and that of others. 

A typical way of assessing EQ is through devising a set of questions, the answers to which determine the degree to which an individual is adept in controlling emotions. The questions are designed specifically to assess how the applicant will react to certain situations, answers to which are determined by experts, or referred to keys created by experts. Some tests also are more visual than descriptive. For example, some tests would place a few faces on a paper and ask the applicant to assess what emotions he or she perceives to be shown on the faces. Other tests devise questions that ask applicants to assess emotional scenarios, or emotional problems and offer emotional responses. 

Some tests can also be descriptive and follow a self-report method. Many measure your personality traits like extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, etc. The EQ estimating tool has been around for decades.  They have proven to be very useful in some instances, they also have certain drawbacks to their use. 

The emotional intelligence test is devised by experts that are professionals in assessing behaviors and emotions and design answers that explain how emotionally stable or unstable the applicant is. Different types of emotional competencies are determined using different test types because some traits can be accessed via a self-report method. Others can be better judged through visual or descriptive emotional situation analysis methods. 

Which Emotional Intelligence Test?

When it comes to assessing which emotional intelligence test type is best for your use, specific considerations should be kept in mind to find the right person. These considerations include

- Validity – if you wish to assess the performance of an individual, especially related to how he or she maintains positive interpersonal relationships with team members, ensuring job success, ability-based emotional tests are the best way to assess individuals.  Here tests of the self-report kind will not suffice or serve any useful purpose.

- Reaction Of Applicant/Face Validity – if social skills are to be measured in an individual, face validity tests are more effective and efficient in assessing an individual. In these tests generally, applicants are asked to evaluate the emotion present on faces and also the degree of those emotions that they can see. These tests are also very tricky and hard, and often, applicants do not usually get all the questions right. Also, not all items on these tests are work-related, so assessing and attempting this test is difficult. 

- Administration Test Method – This can be administered via a simple paper and pencil or also through some electronic method. 

- Differences Based On Subgroup – it is also necessary to consider that an emotional intelligence test based on its kind can sometimes be better scored by women compared to men and vice versa. For example, women are considered better at reading facial expressions than men.

- Developmental/Administrative Cost – Purchasing a predesigned intelligence test is always more affordable than devising or developing a customized analysis. Also, administering tests is not very costly and can be done quickly.

- Utility – The utility of intelligence tests is very high, especially if the job requires individuals with top interpersonal skills. However, the right kind of analysis should be administered.

- Uses – An intelligence test can have multiple uses wherever skills related to teamwork, cooperation, and social interaction are required. 

The emotional intelligence test is a very significant tool nowadays. Almost all businesses employ these tests in one form or the other, as virtually any kind of job in post-COVID-19 requires efficient team members and compassionate individuals to handle different business operations. 

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