What Emotions Are Taken Into Account For Emotional Intelligence Training?

Emotional intelligence competencies are divided into two categories – interpersonal (existing/occurring between people) and intrapersonal (existing/occurring within the individual). Emotional self-regulation, emotional self-awareness, and emotional self-motivation are aspects of intrapersonal and are the basis for interpersonal competencies which includes managing relationships and empathy.  Emotional intelligence training helps in developing both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills within an individual and is helpful in enhancing emotional intelligence.

Training programs for improving your emotional intelligence is not a new concept. It provides understanding, awareness, practice as well as a clear path to change. There are several skill-based and practical, emotional intelligence training programs which aim at mastering your own EI level as well as the team EI level.

emotional intelligence training

Emotional intelligence inventory (ECI) is a training program which provides self, management, direct report as well as ratings from peers over a series of behavioral indicators of emotional intelligence. These ratings are based upon the emotional competencies of the individuals. This program includes 20 competencies that are divided into four categories including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills. This type of EI training programs is useful for deriving higher levels of internal consistency. 

In addition to this, other training programs aim towards identifying and addressing workplace issues of emotional intelligence and offer support to the participants towards increasing their emotional intelligence competency.

Advantages of Emotional Intelligence Training

Training for improving your emotional intelligence is not a therapy. Rather it is a process through which the focus and performance are maintained in the place where they can perform best. Below mentioned are some advantages that can be associated with such training programs.

Continuous improvement in your emotional intelligence

Training programs focus on developing those aspects that require improvement. Most of us have several blind spots as well as flaws in our behaviors and thoughts. These flaws can be created either because of the environment you are living within or from the people you are working with. Training programs help you identify those flaws along with helping in overcoming them to improve your emotional competency.

Training reduces your overall stress

Even the best place to work can have stressful situations. In order to have a stress free environment, training programs have served to become inevitable stressors within the workplace. These programs foster higher EI levels which ultimately mean that you get more control over your reactions and expectations. Moreover, increase d emotional intelligence will make you more socially aware thereby, making you more capable of handling team dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

Employees work in a culture that supports learning

Emotional intelligence training is viewed as any other training program. This is an opportunity which a company tends to take advantage of for improving the skills of staff members along with benefiting the business as well. Providing training to staff boosts the feeling amongst employees that their workplace cares about their developmental aspects which is a motivational factor for improved performance.

Training predicts performance and leadership skills

Leadership is related to being the people person. This eventually means that if you have a higher level of emotional intelligence, you are more likely to have leadership skills within you. By using engagement information and participation level obtained from good emotional intelligence, training will provide a clearer idea of the team members so that their leadership skills can be assessed.

Opportunities can be maximized

Training provides the right tools to the staff through which they can work with the team dynamics. Training programs are considered access to better opportunities which not only allows you to capitalize your strengths but, also to succeed. 

Emotional intelligence training has served to be very important for the betterment of employees as well as for the growth of an organization. Being clever at your workplace is important to flourish your career. People having higher levels of EI tend to perform better than not all of the best-qualified employees can. 

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