Enneagram Types, Four, Five and Six

The enneagram four type is an individualist, artist and romantic. If you qualify, your primary concern is your identity. However, your individualism becomes your weakness when you are not sure of your unique approaches. The main characteristics related to enneagram four type are:


You are a creative soul. You often involve with music, art, and sculptures to express your individuality. On secondary levels, you engrave tattoos on your body parts. Your creative approaches can make any organization a success story. You innovate new ways.

Your experimental knowledge and unusual steps can convert the worst into the best.

Emotionality and Enneagram Four Type

The enneagram four type has a storehouse of energy. It expressed itself in your high tone emotions. You may become angry on slight restriction. You may involve others with undue emotional depth. Your decisions follow your heart instead of your brain.

Focus on Enneagram Four Type

An enneagram four type focuses upon the issues of wealth, health and hidden realities of life. You may think deep to find out thoughtful answers to the related questions. However, once you become dissatisfied with the outcome, you despair. Melancholy is common in enneagram four type.

enneagram four type


At times, you focus your spirit. You attempt to develop your soul. Solitude helps you to achieve astounding success as a spiritual leader. However, it may also lead you to cynicism. You always need right and quick guidance on spiritual questions.

Inferiority/Superiority Complex

As an enneagram four type, you may worry to see that other people fail to look at the situations as you do. It may make you feel superior or inferior complexes. When you are at the helm of affairs, you consider yourself superior. Otherwise, you may attract inferiority complex.


Your uniqueness is a gift of nature. You can solve the problems which others fail even to see. You should utilize your capabilities to develop yourself. As much you grow as much you succeed.

Enneagram Five Type

The investigative type is for granted when you fit in the enneagram five personality type. You are a keen observer. You have an analytical mind. You know that knowledge is power and you know how to utilize this wealth.

Your Fears

You fear to be worthless. You judge others and yourself regarding contribution to your society, environment, and people. When you don’t contribute, you believe, you are worthless. You add throughout your life.

Your Behavior to Your Environment

The enneagram five type prefer to keep away from the environment. However, when you are sure that your interaction with the environment can change the later, you don’t hesitate a minute to do so.


It is unfortunate, but you tend to be superficial. You often ignore the ideas for personalities. It may lead to superficiality. However, commonly, you are known as an intelligent, knowledge seeker and private person.


The five enneagram type may feel the world hostile and threatening. You tend to be extremely private in such situations. You avoid acquaintance with strangers. You don’t disclose your plans unless either they are finished, or you decide consciously to do so.

Complex Ideas

You may understand not only complex ideas but also generate them. You are not just creative but also pioneer in the field that you select. You can visualize a big picture and reach your desired goals with creative energies. You can impress others with your knowledge. Your ideas may be extremely idiosyncratic.

Your Failure to Interact Properly

You have potential to develop new thoughts and ideas. However, you often fail to interact with the people around you. You fail to understand the importance of your human relations. You prefer to join the careers where you can exercise your abilities alone.

You Don't Listen To Others

The enneagram five type fails to listen to others appropriately. In fact, you don’t give the due importance to others opinions. Just start looking to them, and you shall perform even better.

Enneagram Six Type

The essence of 6 enneagram type is loyalty. You defend your leaders and heroes blindly. You remain loyal to your political parties even when they are not performing well.

Your Fear

Your biggest fear is insecurity. You love stability and support the status quo for this reason. You not only avoid the conflict but also work to manage harmony. However, when you fail to do so, anxiety takes you on. The loss of support can also damage your performance very badly.

To continue getting support and avoid insecurity you may become a flatterer. You always try to make others pleased.

Hardworking and Responsible

You are loyal not only to the persons but also to your organization. You work hard to continue with any business. The bosses consider you responsible.


You can sense the events much before they happen. However, you often go for a defensive approach instead of taking the bull by the horns. You may appear weak and indecisive at times, but your defense is always substantial.

A Good Partner

The enneagram six type is a right partner for business, life, and goals. You avoid conflicts, help others and keep your words. You are a team-oriented leader and a democratic manager. It doesn’t mean that you hate power. You enjoy it when you are stable.


You are a motivator. You love people around you. You can judge others’ moods just with their facial expressions or the movements of eyes. You can read between the lines before expressing yourself.

When Fear Becomes a Reality

It is a real world. You may be deceived easily. Your supporters may change their minds quickly. In either situation, you start distrusting everything around you. When you feel insecure, you should just go to your hermit.


The enneagram six type is complicated than the enneagram four type. Your active brain allows multiple streams of thought at any given moment. Sometimes these numerous streams may lead you to indecisiveness. You need to focus your mind on the prioritized options. 

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