Is Your Enneagram Personality Type Your Essence?

Enneagram personality type is your unique inner style to handle your environment and the people around you. It is your primary dominant characteristic and your emotional inclination to behave as you do. You are born and continue with it throughout your life. It is your essence.

However, there is no scientific or practical evidence to prove that human beings can be ‘typed’ in nine pre-determined boxes.

The enneagram experts claim that when you learn your enneagram type and know its meanings, you not only see your strengths and weaknesses but also develop your personality phenomenally. You can adjudge their claims.

Go through a brief description of the nine Enneagram types here. You can identify your dominant characteristics.

You may find some characteristics common in certain types. The modern Enneagramists explain this phenomenon with different levels of development, wings of Enneagram types and your points of stress and security.

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Enneagram Type One

The Enneagram personality type one is called the reformer. You always desire to improve your environment. You find the best reforming solutions in the worst situations. You can see the space for improvement even when others don’t. You are a perfectionist.

The Enneagram personality type one is considered wise, self-controlled, balanced and tolerant. You set high standards not only for your self but also for others. You have an inner core of values and measure everything upon that. You have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Weaknesses and Suggestions

Your biggest fear is making a mistake. However, you need to learn that without making mistakes you can’t reach your goals. Luckily, you rarely repeat your mistake. So don’t fear them.

Anger overpowers you very quickly. It is massive energy that you possess. You need to control your emotions and your anger to keep things smooth.

You tend to ignore others’ opinions. You believe that your internal code of values is not only correct but better than any other set of rules. This ideology may hide the big picture from your eyes. Listen to others’ opinions. They are different angels to see a thing. They may help you to widen your vision and make you better understood.  

You are a perfectionist. Sometimes, you try to hide your weaknesses in your apparent goodness. Keep in mind that no one is free from defects. However, the people win who continue improving themselves.

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Enneagram Type Two

Enneagram personality type two is termed as the helper. You are a caretaker. You love to give others. You are generous. You like others and want others to like you. Love is your underlying emotional need. You can’t live without it. You freely demonstrate your emotions so that others may accept you.

You are warm, friendlier and sincere. You can sacrifice your own needs for others’. You not only enjoy your success but also help others to be successful. You provide them help and resources to achieve their goals.

Weaknesses and Suggestions

Interestingly, what dominant quality is your strength in the Enneagram model, becomes your weakness in another reference. You sacrifice your own needs, but excess may cause you to ignore your life. You need to learn that if you are unable to meet your needs, you may not always be able to help others.

Your need for love may cause you to show off. You tend to become flatterer and emotional to get attention and love. This need may also lead you to give others’ opinion more weight than due. You may even withhold your valuable opinions just to avoid conflict and to secure acceptance.

Enneagram Personality Type Three

Enneagram personality type three is called the motivator. Some experts prefer to call you an achiever and promoter. You can motivate others with your words and actions. But also desire that others should recognize your achievements.

You are a fighter. You know how to win. You always try to focus on your goals and get them in the end. You are self-confident, charming, ambitious and competent. You are a diplomat and energetic, balanced personality.

When you become a leader, you enjoy challenges and always love to promote your organization. You play a model when in action. Your love for freedom may lead you to prefer your own independent business. However, if you have to select a job, you reach top brass positions in the organization. 

A few Advices

Your approval seeking desire may lead you to unnecessary image-building efforts. You attempt consciously to impress others.

Your greatest fear is your security. You may damage your personality by overthinking about others’ opinions about you.

Your love for achievement may lead you to be a workaholic. You may miss the small pleasures of life for big goals.

You need to learn when you need to exercise yourself and when to sit silently. You can motivate others and can sell ice even in the Arctic. You may become an excellent salesman. 

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