Enneagram Type 7, 8 or 9?

This page contains quick descriptions of Enneagram type seven, eight and nine. It is the last page in the series of personality type description. Briefly stated, the enneagram type 7 is termed as an enthusiast. The type 8 as a challenger. Type 9 is a peacemaker.

As stated earlier, these types can't be studies exclusively. Every type has some relation to other types. These three types are related to each other and may express some common characteristics while handling their environment.

Enneagram Type 7: the Enthusiast

Your enthusiasm qualifies you to be an adventurer and materialist. You live in each passing moment.

You can start many works at a time with the same level of enthusiasm. However, you may fail at times to keep your focus.


The types six and eight work as your wings. Sometimes, you may show behaviors of a challenging enthusiast. At other times you may support other with the same level of enthusiasm.

Active Type

You are an abnormally active type. You love to make new experiments, visualize big dreams and make them happen. You have a lot of talents and skills. Your activity may lead you to a workaholic, and you may forget your priorities.

Optimist Type

You are a born optimist leader. You can visualize and plan for long periods and wait patiently for the results.

You believe in your visions. But you tend to ignore positive criticism. When you listen well, you may perform the best in any given situation.

Your curiosity helps you to see the world as a playground. Every new experiment and skills add your optimism to change the game positively.

Spontaneous Enneagram Type

As an Enneagram personality type seven, you are spontaneous in your words and actions. Your practical approach and novel experiments help you to select the best goals. You are versatile. However, your versatility may result in complete disorganization.

Lucky Type

The Enneagram personality type seven is considered a lucky type. However, it is neither luck nor your stars but your attitude to your environment. You plan solidly and wait anxiously for new opportunities. And when they come, you are ready to receive them.

Enneagram Type 8: the Challenger

You are called a challenger, a confronter or a protector, depending upon your wings. You challenge your environment.

However, when your left wing (enneagram type seven) is stronger, you confront with enthusiasm. Otherwise, when your right wing (enneagram peacemaker) is stronger, you become a protector.

Your Fears

The most significant fear for the enneagram type eight is control of others. You prefer to control your environment and the people around you. You hate to flow with waters.

Your challenge to the environment is your way to handle your fear. You know that once you get control of the situation, you can maneuver as you like. You plan to control not the only flow of your life but also your destiny. However, you tend to be reckless, opportunist and ego-centric, at times.


It depends upon your stronger wing whether you become a challenger or a protector. However, in most of the cases, you prove a protector while dealing with your family members.

Man of Crisis

This enneagram type shows the best talents in crisis. You feel every lousy situation a challenge to your control. To have power, you assert yourself forcefully. You express your opinion very strongly and love others to respect it. You prove yourself a man of the crisis in any organization and for any job.


You make effective decisions. You are considered the most robust enneagram personality type for your straightforward approach. You love those people who decide the same way as you do. However, you don’t want them to interfere in your independence.


You need to concentrate on your development consciously. Each new challenge should add to your experience and not to your fear. You need to build a habit to forget the bad things quickly. You should also think to give a part of your control to your subordinates. It shall help you to focus on the big picture.

Type 9; Enneagram Peace Maker

The enneagram peacemaker not only understands but also makes conscious effort to bring harmony in his environment.

When your right wing is stronger, you harmonize the environment with your reforming behaviors. However, when your left wing is stronger, you may challenge the environment for the same purpose.  Your main characteristics include:


Enneagram peacemaker is a perfect mediator. You can create consensus amongst the war parties. You prove an excellent negotiator when you are asked to complete a dialogue successfully. You can reconcile the burning fires. You can visualize the solutions which are acceptable to all parties.


A real enneagram peacemaker has the highest degree of adaptability to his environment. In most of the cases, you believe, that the best way to harmonize your environment is just refined yourself. You rarely try to speed up happening of things. You prefer to follow the flow of the events.

Good Listener

The enneagram peacemaker is considered an excellent listener. You weigh others’ opinions before expressing your own. You fear that you may disharmonize your environment by giving a conflicting view.

Your Weaknesses

You tend to agree with others’ opinion very quickly. It is just your fear of turmoil otherwise you may have a high opinion with convincing arguments. You can sacrifice your logic even.

You often forget to assert yourself properly.

Opportunists can easily exploit you for your desire for peace and stability. They may use you as tools for their purposes. You tend to forget your priorities for harmonization.

Your ideas have great diversity, but you often fail to focus. You tend to involve in trivial details and miss your big picture.

At times you fall into inertia.

It is positive when you are involved in some positive activity. However, it becomes a curse when you are doing nothing. Luckily, change of environment creates a fear of de-stability and helps you to break your negative inertia. 

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