Final Conclusion on IQ, whether its raising or Not....My answer is NO, how just see below.

by Purnendu N. Bala
(Bangalore, India)




In my opinion, the above conclusions are 60% correct only. Why 60%?

Please Review below points:

1.The IQ test and its formula is Invented by Alfred Binet long time back, but still have relevance. But the Psychologist or Tester might be using old way of question formulation. In current senatorial, as mentioned above mental status gets changed due to many factors.

Specially i want to highlight 2 main important and simple factors :

a) Availability of much and much information than their past generations and the second one is
b) universally acceptable fittest for survival law, that is every next day is tougher than its previous day.

So, if we deeply analyze both above factors than we will find our answer for "WHY NEW GENERATION IS GETTING MORE INTELLIGENCE THAN THEIR PAST GENERATIONS?"

THE ANSWER IS: i am starting from my 1st point- just think about YEAR 1800, you can imagine yourself there than what could be your sources for finding information. It might be your friend or your family member or somebody came from far nation. that means there was no way to improve your mental state. Today we know that our mind is an organ which has self learning and self improvising capabilities, if you put this observation in year 1800, then you will find your answer that they people are also equally intelligent like our new generation. So why they not achieved much?.....If you ask me "Why they not achieved much?" i may smile on your question. Reason is- is it possible today's Satellite or Rocket launch without Newtons Law of Gravity. ANS is NO it is not possible. Another Reason is- is it possible today's advance maths and physics without ARYABHATT's ZERO. ANS is AGAIN NO it is not possible.

That means Availability of knowledge is making new generation more and more intelligent but the base of their IQ or Knowledge is founded by their ancestors with less resources.

Actually intelligence is dependent upon 3 important factors: and anybody who has below abilities can gain intelligence anytime

a)If you are not mentally retarted in terms of psychologists.


c)ability to survive in less.

The Bottom line or summary of my thought is, instead of finding intelligence in anybody try to find Curiosity factor in human being by providing them ODD situation. After that if you provide them proper channel of knowledge or information, automatically you will find "Genius".

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