GMAT Test Prep – The Crucial Step in Clearing GMAT

GMAT is one of the prerequisites for joining reputable graduate business schools. Those who do exceptionally well throughout their GMAT test prep and through the exams have a good chance of entering business schools of their choice. And this can only be achieved if the students have been smart through their GMAT test prep.

This article will provide you with necessary information regarding how you should be attempting this preparation.

What is GMAT?

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admissions Test. It is the best and most vital test to assess the credibility of students applying for top business schools. The scores can range from 400 to 800 on a GMAT. You should aim at nothing less than 700+ if you want to get into a top business school of your choice. The higher you go in your scores, the more robust chances you have.

You might be intimidated at first, but it is only a natural reaction. GMAT is a lengthy test, and there is a lot at stake. But the best way of approaching this examination is by staying cool and prepared and by remembering that it is only going to analyze your management skills that you have developed over the last few academic years.

Have a confidence in your acquired and learned skills and prepare well to ace in GMAT…!

Format of GMAT

The GMAT has four parts to it.

1.    Verbal Multiple-Choice Section

You will have to go through some sentence correction exercises, reading comprehension and critical reasoning questions. There will be a total of 41 items that will have to be attempted in a total of 75 minutes.

2.    Quantitative Multiple Choice Section

For this section, you will again be delivered 75 minutes in which you will have to attempt 37 questions related to quantitative problem solving and data sufficiency.

3.    Integrated Reasoning

A total of 12 questions will have to be finished in half an hour. The questions given in this section will be related to table analysis, graphics interpretation, multi-source reasoning and two-part analysis.

4.    Analytical Writing Assessment

In this section, you will be required to write a 30-minute essay. You will have to select only a single topic, and you will be assessed on your skill of analyzing the argument and supporting your theory with a relevant answer.

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How do You Start off With Your GMAT Test Prep?

gmat test prep

You must have gathered that the test alone will take you almost 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete. A lengthy analysis that will assess multiple skills will need a thorough preparation, and most people don’t know where to begin.

1.    Gather Useful Resources

  • To start off with the GMAT test prep, the first thing that you need to do is gather some useful and credible resource material. There are many ways that you can do that.
  • You can download PDF files
  • You can download the complete GMAT preparation software from the internet.
  • You can ask someone who has already taken the test to let you borrow his helping resource material.
  • You can borrow it from a good library that might be keeping GMAT preparation resources.
  • You can buy it from good quality bookshops.
  • You can join an online or offline GMAT club or institute that help students prepare for GMAT.

2.    Develop a Preparation Timeline

Like any other exam that you are ever going to take, you must have a timetable to study and prepare for GMAT. The only difference is that with GMAT, it is not only about exploring it is about planning as well. For instance, you should expect to have your GMAT results in before the last date of applying to the business school.

See how many days or weeks you can divide that period into and then go for it with determination.

3.    Get Registered

It is a crucial part of GMAT test prep. Get yourself registered as soon as possible so that you have the liberty of selecting the test dates that suit your plans.

4.    Practice, Practice, Practice

A sure shot way of being well prepared is by practicing the test questions and sample questions as much as you can. Attempt everything. Don’t leave out any items in your preparation to find out what your weak areas are and then focus on them.

5.    Time Everything

Once you think you are ready to attempt the GMAT, take your test and time it to understand if you can complete the different sections well in time.

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