Goth personality test may discover your Gothic personality in a playful manner

Gothic refers to a fiction subculture which was prevalent in late 18th and early 19th centuries which emphasized the grotesque, mysterious, and desolate. The group of people who prefer to call themselves Goth or Gothic like to dress in all black, and considered to have a bit of morbid personality.

Also, goth people sometimes listen to heavy metal music like Marilyn Manson. They like body mutilation. The body mutilation can consist of something as simple as piercing, tattoos, or even include scars from cutting or burning their body. Goth people tend to have a dark and dreary personality. They do not think the social good. 

There are specific tests which identify what Gothic characteristics you may have. It is a fun test just to enjoy. It is composed of questions that try to pinpoint what kind of a goth you are. These items are phrased as “what do you wear to a Gothic party?”

There are several types of Gothic people within the Gothic scene, and a goth personality test tries to determine what type of goth exactly you are.

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Goth Types

The first type is Gothic poser. A trying too hard goth is a person who works too hard to fit in with the Gothic scene. However, he is failing to do so. If you have a cheery outlook on life, wear makeup, and exaggerate the Gothic experience, you might be a Gothic poser.

The second type of goth is the new age goth. A modern age goth is a person who is into spirituality massively but is not a Christian. For instance, Wicca and Paganism are popular among new age goths. If you are a modern age goth, you might have a few spells up your sleeve, whether or not they do anything is up to the believer.

goth personality test

The third type of goth is the old school goth. An old-school goth is someone who appreciates the definition of goth, before the 20th century. Old school goths enjoy dark clothing and dressing in a suit or elegant dress. If you are an old-school goth, you might have a high appreciation for Edgar Allan Poe's poetry, or perhaps other older morbid literature.

The fourth type of goth is the cybergoth. A cybergoth is someone who is fascinated by technology and shunned by the outside world. If you are a cyber goth, you are probably pretty good at hacking or creating an electronic device with some essential electronic parts.

The last type of goth is the emo. An emo is someone who is not goth, but of the separate emo sub-culture. Emo itself is short for emotional, and emo people tend to seek attention by overplaying their emotions. Threats of suicide over everyday disappointments, and continuously updating your My Space page are all signs that you might be emo.

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Fun with Goth Personality Test

Regardless of what kind of goth you are (or may not be), a goth personality test is bound to be fun with your friends and family. When you have finished the test (no cheating), and given your results, you have the option to email your friends the test results. You can also often post the results on your web blog or My Space page. Some tests even include sample pictures, called badges, that you can proudly display on your website, telling everyone exactly what kind of goth you are. These tests aren't precise, but instead tons of fun. You can easily search using your favorite search engine for a goth personality test.

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