Had 3 Years Experience Yet Rejected by Aptitude Test

by Norman
(Not Given)

Guys I have read you page on aptitude test and found it to be the most enlightening. I didn't notice until reading your page that this is a way to put only certain people in a job and keeping you to do what job "prescribed" even if you can do the job despite flunking the "aptitude" test.

Do you guys mind if I you take a practice aptitude test here (URL deleted by the Admin… against rules) and see if some of the question here relate to the job of "shelf filler or customer service"

Not sure if they have closed this down already but some question have "the strongly disagree" to "strongly agree" levels.

Some questions include things like:

"Do you listen to other people's conversations?"

"Will you do anything to get ahead?"

"Have you ever lied?"

"Do you admit when you are wrong?"

"Would you lie to protect someone?"

"Would you take the blame for someone?"

"Do you like to be in control of others?"

Now since you guys are psychologists I would like to know of these questions are part of some sort of personality profiling and would like to know if this is what is required of doing menial jobs such as Shelf filling or working in a checkout?

Because I have had an extensive 3 years working in a gas station/convenience store and when I took the test for Coles (it is a convenience store much like a 7 eleven) I scored low (about 5% percent in aptitude)on this and based on that I was considered unqualified even though I have had 3 year experience in dealing with customers, stacking shelves, ordering stock, etc????

Why would I need to also be tested for high cognitive skills when the job requires you to just replenish stock, re-shelve, clean or/and count money?

Someone please give me an answer?

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Control Aptitude Test Questions
by: Admin: Saqib

You are right Gary…

And to Norman…

As far as my knowledge is concerned, most of the tests include control aptitude test questions. These questions have nothing to do with your aptitude or talents. They are designed with intent to see whether you are answering the questions correctly or not. Your false answers may not only attract negative marking but also result in your rejection even when you have had three years experience.

Let’s see some of the questions you have mentioned.

"Have you ever lied?"

(Every one lies on one time or other. If some one claims that he has never told a lie, one is lying. In a next question you are asked:

"Would you lie to protect someone?"

Many would like to lie to protect someone. Suppose you see some person running to save his life from his enemies. When you know that if you told a lie the life of the person shall be protected, you may like to tell a lie to save one life. Perhaps no one can credit such a lie as a wrong.

Positive answer to this question shall contradict your answer to the previous question. However, a negative answer shall prove your being cold and callous.

Similarly, the following two questions are control questions.

"Do you admit when you are wrong?"

"Would you take the blame for someone?"

I agree that the aptitude test questions are not 100% result oriented. However, they are the only instrument available to avoid idiosyncratic opinions of the managers.

In your particular situation, you may take another aptitude test for the job that you want. However, you should take the test with all out honesty. If you are still rejected, it is advisable to look for some other career.

employers loose
by: Gary

When employers use this type of testing..they end up loosing some good honest employees !!!

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