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by dunkzed @
(Manchester, England)

I did an iq test when I was 42 two years ago and got 123 on it. It made me happy but it means absolutely nothing at all.

Scientists do not know a lot about the working about the human brain in the womb in a woman because how can you look into something you cannot see and touch, into its mind. So you cannot see its development at all.

I saw a program and the scientists admitted readily they were looking for where one human single thought originated in the human brain.

They admitted they had not found that one single thoughts origin either yet. So if they cannot pinpoint where one thought comes from how can any of us pinpoint where intelligence comes from at all.

Plus at school pupils do lots of tests and logic puzzles of some kinds for years and do iq tests sometimes too, so schooling is good for doing these tests.

What is intelligence anyway is debatable, its subjective what you believe it is. we all make decisions to do one thing and not do another , turn left not right, go to that place today not some other place we went to yesterday. We use logic decisions everyday, we have too. But is that intelligence. Who knows what it is . What one person thinks is a right thing and good today and intelligent to do another thinks is stupid and dumb. Different cultures have different ways of life. If I lived in the amazon jungle and was in a tribe eating, having our stories about the jaguar and killing fish and animals ourselves to live on my view of life and what were "intelligent" and the right things to do would be different than people living in a city and going to work in an office typing on a computer. The whole idea of intelligence is a very subjective subject and has a history of racism attached to it too.

I have lots of friends and I prefer the word Qualities, we have lots of different facets to our behaviour over our lifetime and everyones behaviour and conversations and actions change over it and are complicated and varied, we are all like a kaleidoscope off emotions and feeling and thoughts and actions, and not a 2 dimensional useless nonsensical number on a chart. A bus has a number people do not.

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