Inuyasha Personality Test is a Funny Measure of Your Personality

An Inuyasha personality test offers a questionnaire where each question has many answers. You are identified with a character from animated series InuYasha.

Do you watch Inuyasha?

If not then this page may contain some interest for you but most of the part shall not suite to your needs. However, if you watch the series, it includes many animated characters like Kikyou, Inuyasha, Kagura, Naraku, Shippo, Miroku, etc.

The organizers of an Inuyasha personality test arrange questions in a way that results shall lead you to a fun character. Every character has some personal characteristics which are considered close to your personality. Some designers offer results in percent level of a particular feature such as kindness, strength, intelligence, and destiny.

Background of Inuyasha Personality Test

The character of Inuyasha is fascinating. The story begins with Kikyou who shots Inuyasha in Feudal Japan. Inuyasha was pinned to a tree with an arrow. When the tree burnt, Inuyasha also died.

Kagome lived with her family in present time Japan. On her birthday, she is pulled down in a well by a demon residing therein. The well threw her in the feudal Japan. People thought her a beast and brought her to the town priestess Kaede. Incidentally, Kagome resembled Kaede’s late sister Kikyou. During night time demons attacked Kagome and snatch Shikon Jewel in a jungle. Suddenly, she saw Inuyasha and pulled the arrow out of his body to free him. Inuyasha paid back by killing the demon following Kagome.

Shikon Jewel came into possession of Inuyasha. However, Kaede placed a charm necklace around his neck so that whenever Kagome want, she can control Inuyasha. She believed that Kagome was an incarnation of her late sister Kikyou so she should protect the jewel. 

But demons were still behind the jewel.

A demon stole the jewel. While fighting it, Kagome broke the jewel with her arrow accidentally. The jewel fragments scattered everywhere. Inuyasha and Kagome started to collect pieces of the jewel. But many demons and human beings are also after the jewel. The story takes sudden when Inuyasha’s older brother Sesshoumaru tried to kill Inuyasha. A demon brought Kikyou back to life to add more thrill.

Then Inuyasha and others discovered that Naraku, a demon, had killed Kikyou and Inuyasha's 50 years ago. Now the Naraku is a target of Inuyasha and his supporting characters.

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Important Characters for Inuyasha Personality Test

Almost all crucial characters of Inuyasha are used in any popular  Inuyasha personality test. However, a few of the characters include:


The name of Inuyasha has two parts; Inu stands for dog and Yasha for a demon. He is a mixed breed of a dog demon and a female human being. He prepares a holy sword from one of his deceased father’s fangs. He can recover from the injuries which may prove fatal for human beings. He changes into a human with black hair and brown eyes on every new moon night. He loves Kikyou and Kagome. When an Inuyasha personality test declares you like Inuyasha, you are considered containing strengths and weaknesses of the character of Inuyasha.

Kagome Higurashi

She is kind but very dangerous once provoked. She is an incarnation of another character of the series namely Kikyou. She is assigned the responsibility to protect the Jewel of four souls on her appearance. She accidentally destroys the Jewel to save it from a demon. She loves Inuyasha and finally marries him.Kagome lives with her younger brother, Sota Higurashi, her mother, and her grandfather in the modern world. Only her family knows about her double role in the series. They all help in one way or the other. Her mother makes sure her daughter gets all the supplies she needs in the past world. Sota collects her homework from school; her Grandpa invents many lame excuses for her absence from school. When an Inuyasha personality test declares you as Kagome, you are considered possessing strengths and weaknesses of the character of Kagome.


Miroku is a Buddhist monk who travels the countryside to perform his religious duties. He suffers from a hereditary curse which was inflicted upon his grandfather Miyatsu by Naraku. However, Miroku uses this curse as a powerful weapon. There is a hole in his hand which sucks anything in its path. If the evil is not taken away, he shall be evaporated like his father and grandfather. Like his grandfather, he inclines pretty women. He has impressive spiritual powers. Finally, he marries Sango. When an Inuyasha personality test declares you as Miroku, you are considered possessing strengths and weaknesses of the character of Mioku.


Sango is a demon slayer. Naraku, a demon kills her family and the whole village and blames Inuyasha for his actions. He then involves Sango’s little brother Kohaku to fight Inuyasha. She kills the demon at the end and marries Miroku. When an Inuyasha personality test declares you as Sango, you are considered possessing strengths and weaknesses of the character of Sango.

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