IQ Numbers Test Computation Tips

While attempting an IQ numbers test, you are required to use your mathematics reasoning and offer the correct solutions for the provided problems. You are neither allowed to use calculators nor to ask for an aide.

You have to depend upon your skills, logic, and brain alone. If you have sharp left side brain, you can outperform others. If you are like me, you need to know some quick tips to encounter a real IQ numbers test. 

IQ Numbers Test Tips to Square

What is a square in mathematics?

A square is a product of two equal terms. In other words, you can get a square number by multiplying natural numbers by themselves. For example, 25 is a product of 5X5.

To Square of Any Number ending with 5

You may be offered a big number ending with 5 to find the correct answer. The given multiple answers may resemble so much that you can make a mistake. However, if you follow this simple gimmick, you may avoid the trap.

Suppress ending 5 of the number for which a square is required, and multiply the remaining number by the next integer. Then place 25 after the result. You shall get a square. For example,

What is square of 25?

25² = 625

What is square of 65?

65² = 4225

What is square of 315?

315² = 99225

To Square a Number in which every Digit is 1

IQ numbers test

The IQ numerical test questions which require you to give a square of such digits can be confusing. However, the tip is very simple to find the correct answer.

Count the number of digits in the given number and start writing numbers in ascending order from one to this number and then in descending order up to one. A few examples:

What is square of 11?

11² = 121

What is square of 111?

111² = 12321

What is square of 1111?

1111² = 1234321

What is square of 11111?

11111² = 123454321

IQ Numbers Test Tips for Multiplication

Multiplication seems easier than squaring. However, there is every chance of making a mistake when you have to take an IQ speed test with correctness. These tips may help you to avoid such confusing mistakes.

Multiplying Numbers by 15, 25, 35 etc

The tip is very simple. Double the multiplier and then multiply the multiplicand by this new number and finally divide the product by 2.

For example:

4578 X 35 = (4578X70)/2

= 320460/2

= 160230

Multiplying Numbers by 9, 99, 999 etc

The tip is very simple. Add as many zeros on the right side of the multiplicand as there are nines in the multiplier. Then subtract the multiplicand from the result.

For example:

876542 X 9999 = 8765420000-876542

= 8764543458

Multiplying Numbers by 11, 101, 1001 etc (10n + 1)

Such multipliers may also yield the confusing results. You may have to spend sufficient time on such items to find the correct answer from the multiple choices. Tip is very simple.

Subtract 1 from the multiplier in your mind and count zeros in the result. Add as many zeros to the right of the multiplicand as are in the result. You shall receive a figure. Then add the multiplicand to the resulting figure to find out your answer. For example:

73585 X 101 = 7358500 + 73585

= 7432085

Multiplying Numbers by a number which is some power of 5

You will have to place as many zeros to the right of the multiplier as is the power of 5 in the multiplier. Then divide the number so obtained by 2 raised to the same power is the power of 5. For example:

59674 X 625

= 59674 X 5^x

= 596740000/2^x

= 596740000/16

= 37296250

Every IQ numbers test contains a lot of problems from different mathematical angles. Most of them are not difficult in computation and your analytical skills can solve them easily. However, some may need a bit complicated computation work. These tips shall help you to understand some basics to solve them quickly. Spend a few more minutes on this website and you shall find more tips and tricks to help you in encountering IQ numbers test successfully.

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