Can Kids' IQ Tests Reveal Intelligence Of Kids? How Kids With Low IQ Scores Can Be Helped?

Kids' IQ tests are designed to assess the mental abilities of a kid and then compare these results with other’s abilities by using numerical scores.  Measuring intelligence has been a part of psychology for a long time and taking a kids IQ test can provide meaningful information about the cognitive abilities of a child.

Kids' IQ tests can be reasonably accurate when predicting about whether a kid will be successful in school and in different subjects. IQ tests are best single indices through which it can be determined how well a kid will perform in school.

However, scores obtained in the kids IQ tests should not be considered as the sole factor for predicting the behavior of a kid at school and his achievements in academics and should not be considered as a definitive indication of how the kids will function within the society because several other variables like intellectual domains like the quality of schooling cannot be measured through these tests.

Factors that affect Kids IQ tests

Several factors can affect the performance of students in their IQ tests which include:

·       Genetic factors: Genetic factors include familial aspects like the IQ and educational level of parents and the quality of the home environment. Children whom parents have a higher level of IQ, a good educational background and a quality home environment tend to score higher in IQ tests and vice-versa.

·       Educational factors: Educational factor is another influencing element that impacts IQ tests of children. The quality of educational opportunities available and the method and quality of teaching influences the development of kid’s mental abilities.

·       Ethnic and cultural differences: Ethnic and cultural differences also impose an effect on the cognitive and mental abilities of a child. Countries that are low in their resources records to have lower IQ level in their kids, and they do not have the environment which is required for improving their intelligence level.

·       Other factors: There is a limitless less of factors that intervene the IQ level of a student. Though, the administer makes every attempt to minimize the impact of these variables however those still influencing includes the location of evaluation, the interaction between the examiner and examinee, poor motivation, negative attitude from the student’s part, etc.

How can you help kids with low IQ scores? 

Kids having low IQ can be difficult to handle. It requires a great deal of patience, understanding and being aware of the specific challenges that are faced by these students and which are crucial for their development and growth. Whether you place these students in a regular classroom or you make them attend special schools, their success is greatly dependent on their education quality. Assessing the kids IQ test skills and abilities is useful for formulating teaching strategies and which can have a deep impact on the student.

Step 1: Assess the strengths and weaknesses of a student

Pay attention to all those activities in which the student is doing well along with noticing those aspects where the student is struggling. Since IQ levels do not measure every type of intelligence, you need to determine whether the student has some artistic abilities or finds some ease in spatial awareness. Encourage these abilities and spend extra time where the student faces difficulties.

Step 2: Be patient

You need to cultivate an understanding, accepting and patient attitude. Students having low IQ level might not show any sign that they are interested in your efforts and can be distracted easily. Give your student similar instructions several times so that they internalize the concept.

Step 3: Using visual aids

The IQ level of kids can be improved by using visual aids and making them study through materials that are more engaging. Low IQ students have a shorter span of attention because of which it is essential to keep them interested in activities.

Step 4: Give clear explanations and instructions

You need to provide clear instructions to students so that they can understand the task right. Avoid using challenging vocabulary which will prevent them from analyzing questions. When students are not able to understand what is required, they will make the task difficult to complete.

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