Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations

 Test Yourself on Knowledge of Physical Equipment

Who Has to Take This Test...?

If you’re applying for a job that involves machinery and equipment, then expect to be assessed on mechanical aptitude and spatial relations. Not everyone is gifted with the innate talent to handle the physical machine, which is why such an assessment is required.

At the very least, this test is a first line filter to sift through any potential employees list.

But what are mechanical aptitude and spatial relations?

Mechanical aptitude refers to the innate mental ability to understand the physics of both simple and complex machines. It involves understanding force and tension, pulleys, and levers, wheels, and screws, among other things. It asks the test-taker to make math computations associated with the performance of mechanical tasks. It also helps if you understand cause-and-effect in machinery.

Spatial relation ability, on the other hand, is the capability to understand the position of a thing concerning another thing. For example understanding “position of the break about accelerator in a vehicle” is a spatial capability.  Ability to take a three-dimensional object and see it and manipulate it mentally or on paper as a two-dimensional object exhibits whether you are fit for space technology. If you can lay down the cylinder in your mind as if it’s just a flat sheet of paper, then you have the aptitude for space-related jobs.

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Jobs Require Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Capabilities

Who are the people who are usually asked to take a test on mechanical aptitude and spatial relations?

There are many...!

For one, people applying for jobs within the construction field are often asked to take these kinds of test because building involves a lot physical manipulation. Imagine all the blocks that need to be laid down, all the equipment that you have to take by pulley from floor to the top of the building. You need to set foundations right, you need to balance every area of the structure you’re constructing. It is for these very same reasons why high school students who wish to study Engineering or Architecture are also asked to take this test. You can’t work in a building site if you have poor mechanical aptitude and spatial relations capabilities.

mechanical aptitude test

Similarly, manual laborers in factories or special crafts site that involves metal work needs to take these test. There are many large types of equipment there that need mechanical savvy. Same goes with train operators and operators of heavy vehicles like trucks and cranes. Firemen and rescue personnel, because they have to work both with equipment and move through debris, also need a solid understanding of mechanical aptitude and spatial relations.

Unknown to most, drivers also need to take this test, spatial relations most specially. Some people just can’t be driving if they don’t have the aptitude to understand the space they’re driving on. The ability to negotiate how near or far an object ahead or in the rear view mirror is actually relates to spatial relations.

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Preparation for Testing

How do you prepare for the test? It’s different between mechanical aptitude and space relations. Mechanical aptitude tests need a lot of preparation. The theories that you have to know in order to even comprehend the questions are many, and it’s advisable to take a review class before taking a mechanical aptitude test. But a space relations test is just like most other aptitude test in the sense that you don’t need to prepare much for it --- you just have to be present at the testing situation in the right frame of mind. After all, how can you review if you don’t know which 3D image the test would ask you to manipulate in your mind?

If you feel that a mechanical aptitude and spatial relations test is too intimidating to take, consult first with a licensed psychometrician. A psychometrician can advise about good test-taking tips, as well as hints on how to get most if not all of the responses right. The psychometrician can also explain to you in detail the rationale of the test and its form, so that you would appreciate it more. The less threatening we make the enemy, the faster we can conquer it. And given that our mind is capable of almost all things, a mechanical aptitude and spatial relations test should be no bother.

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