Mechanical Comprehension Test; Methods and Guideline

There are many potential tests that you may find waiting for you for a job interview. One of the most common types of analysis to be given to you is a mechanical comprehension test. Designed to test your mechanical ability, a mechanical comprehension aptitude test is an integral part of the pre-employment screening process.

Almost every major employer that specializes in mechanical trades (auto mechanics, airplane mechanics, and even computer repair technicians) seeks employees with the ability to learn quickly and grasp new concepts. One of the many ways for an employer to determine if someone is naturally good at fixing complex machines is to issue a mechanical comprehension aptitude test, which by nature does not discriminate against you for any reason.

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Firstly, a mechanical comprehension aptitude test is usually worded in simple and basic English. If you have a low vocabulary or have trouble reading well, you should not have a problem with this type of test. The questions themselves usually consist of pictures, diagrams, and an easy to understand question format. If you have a natural mechanical ability, you should have little to fear about this type of test. Mechanical tests are not like traditional IQ tests or standardized tests. Often, there is very little or no math questions, because an employer realizes that everyone will have access to a calculator in the real world.

These types of tests are also optimized in their time span. The most prolonged tests typically only take 30 minutes. The advantage to this is that you do not have to worry about becoming tired of answering questions during the test. Test anxiety is also minimal since frankly,  you either know how to work on machines, or not. Many people have trouble taking tests, and the short test times, as well as a few questions (typically less than fifty), means that you will be done with the test before you start to worry about your score.

Scoring on mechanical comprehension tests is rather straightforward as well, all of your correct answers are added together to give you a first raw score. Later, the employer can then compare your score with the average scores of most people in the position in which you desire. In some states, an employer is required to tell you your final score on the test, and also answer any questions you might have about the mechanical comprehension test that you took. 

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Sample Mechanical Comprehension Test

If you are looking for sample mechanical comprehension tests, look no further than the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test, or BMCT. This test is the current standard test that is given by employers during pre-employment testing. However, many employers are also switching to the shorter Mechanical Aptitude Test or MAT. These two tests have subtle differences, and it is vital that you understand their differences. For instance, the BMCT lasts approximately 30 minutes and has 68 questions. However, the MAT lasts for only 20 minutes and covers 36 items. For employers, the BMCT is more of a hassle to order tests from, as the company HR director, or test examiner, must first sign up as a test administrator. For MAT, however, there are no requirements for a test administrator. Anyone can order a MAT test, and MAT test guide. It makes it easier for your potential future employer to give tests out to prospective employees.

No matter which mechanical comprehension aptitude test you may be faced with, the important thing is to not worry about taking the test. All mechanical tests are relatively easy if you have a mechanical mindset, and there is no studying for these possible. Naturally, you either have a mechanical mentality, or you don't. In fact, if you score poorly on a mechanical test, you should consider that a blessing. It's better to find out early in the job application process that a particular job is not well suited for you, then to find out after months or years of failure. 

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