Mechanical Test Primer and Preparation

A mechanical test, also known as a mechanical aptitude test, measures your ability to solve mechanical problems without the use of any manuals, or external help. These tests are used by thousands of employers such as the United States Navy, Army, Air Force, and private organizations such as Verizon and Cenex.

Employers typically use mechanical aptitude tests at the job application stage, and scoring well on this test can very well mean that you will get the job that you are seeking. Whether you are applying for a new job in a mechanical field, or promotion to a new position, you more than likely will be required to pass a mechanical aptitude test before being offered the job that you seek.

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You have to tackle a particular mechanical test for a specific machine related job. These tests all have one thing in common- they test your ability to solve problems and troubleshoot problems on tools that you have not worked on before. These tests will usually present a figure or picture, and then ask what issues may be present in the image, or perhaps ask how the machine will operate.

For instance, often several gears or pulleys are arranged in a sequence. The test will then ask you based on a given direction of one gear or pulley turning, which direction other gears or pulleys will rotate about the first gear or pulley. These questions are usually presented to you in necessary wording, and are often designed so that someone with a limited vocabulary or language skills will not have any problems understanding the questions on the mechanical aptitude test.

Length of a Test

The length of a mechanical aptitude test may vary, but most tests are less than 30 minutes in length, and typically ask less than 70 questions.

The reason that these tests are often concise is for two reasons. First, an employer does not want to stress job applicants with a long and tiresome test. Instead, an employer wants to quickly gain an understanding of how you think with mechanical problems. Also, long tests tend to fatigue you, and that will result in your final score being less accurate. Short tests are more accurate and waste less of both you and your future employer's time and money.

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How to Prepare Mechanical Test

There are several things that you can do to prepare for a mechanical aptitude test. First, you should make sure that you understand how fundamental mechanical concepts work. Understanding how gears, pulleys, and levers work in machines is critical. Also, you should even understand how fundamental laws of physics, such as aerodynamic drag, operate. You will be asked on any test to find weak areas in a machine or to determine how the law of gravity will affect specific items.

In addition to understanding basic mechanical laws and rules, you should also get plenty of rest the night before the test. Although mechanical testing is relatively short, the stress of a test lying between you and your career can become quite fatiguing.

Also, be sure you eat a good breakfast the morning before the test is given to you, even if you avoid that in routine. A good breakfast will provide you with the needed energy to think quickly and finish as many questions as possible within the test period.

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Where to Practice Mechanical Aptitude Tests

Now that you know what to expect in a mechanical aptitude test, you will be more prepared for the possibility of your employer requiring you to take a test. There are many mechanical aptitude tests available on the Internet that will give you a better understanding of how mechanical concepts are applied in machines, many of which will tell you the correct answers for common question examples.

Of the many free tests on the Internet, be sure to choose one which is as close as possible to a real mechanical aptitude test- the test length should be at least 30 minutes, or contain 70 questions. With preparedness, you will surely be able to pass any mechanical aptitude test with flying colors!

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