How to Prepare For Mensa Intelligence Test?

You have been considering yourself to be gifted with a unique intelligence. You used to win your childhood games against your peers. Adults started to get amazed by your facile grasp over complex ideas. You have been considered superior in the matters of the mind. However, as you grew up, you started to realize you are not that unique as was suggested. You have realized that there are other intelligent people as well. Such a situation arises one question – How do I compare with others? The Mensa Intelligence test will answer this question.

Undertaking a Mensa test requires you to have significantly superior and proven mental aptitude. To pass the Mensa test, you need to be naturally gifted with a higher level of intelligence and intellectual sense. Alongside this, several other strategies can be used increase your chances of passing the test. One absolute necessity is to have a lifelong history of having the knowledge and the ability to learn. This aspect is essential to succeed, and many times this point is neglected. If you are planning to apply for the Mensa intelligence test, then you should have the ability to acquire, categorize and retain all insignificant data.

Tips to prepare for the Mensa test?


In order to pass the Mensa test, having a firm grasp of basic math, geometry, algebra, and logic are essential. In addition to this, you should also be able to apply the principles of these disciplines practically. Understanding the types of problems' that will appear in the test is very important, and for this to determine, there are several mathematical and logical reasoning books available which will guide you throughout the entire process of solving problems.


Increasing your vocabulary is another critical element for passing the Mensa intelligence test. For this, you need to read a dictionary. You should have the ability to embrace the word and its meanings along with understanding their connotations and denotations. Usually, half of the Mensa test comprises of vocabulary, word analogies or etymology. You should prepare yourself to be an encyclopedia of words to become successful in the examination.


Being able in analogies requires you to be able to develop connections. Analogies are based upon emphasizing upon the relationship between different things such as living creatures, ideas or any physical object. The first step to formulate analogies is to recognize the inherent and basic qualities of anything. The tip is to evaluate every facet of the question and then decide upon the answer.

Logical Reasoning

Preparing for Mensa intelligence test requires having a strong grip over puzzles. These puzzles are categorized into different categories and can a bit easy to solve if you have previously experienced one. The tip is to recognize the pattern of the puzzle. 

Spatial Reasoning

This aspect is more commonly rendered as pattern recognition. This will involves images that will change discrete yet predictable manner. You will be asked to select the next image in the series. The key to ace this aspect of the test is to practice, practice and practice. You need to observe even the smallest of the details along with recognizing it's important in the series. When you are equipped with this knowledge, you can establish the right pattern and succeed this part of the Mensa test.

Physical Preparation

By practicing and reading immense books and dictionary, you are now mentally prepared to take the Mensa intelligence test. Now it's time to prepare physically! You need to take enough sleep and have a fresh and relaxed mind on the day of the test. An excellent state of mind will keep your thoughts positive which will also help greatly in succeeding at the test. Do not dismiss the requirement of a proper physical preparation. 

Gifted intelligence, when nurtured by different reading materials, guided by teachers and experts and polished through regular practices will pave your way to succeed at the Mensa intelligence test. 

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