Knowing the NFL Wonderlic Test

The NFL Wonderlic Test is amongst the top Wonderlic tests that are famous across the country. All of these tests are used to measure the knowledge skills, cognitive and motor ability and personality traits of individuals belonging to different fields of profession.

It is an IQ test to measure the intelligence of candidates would-be draftees and players and to determine the potential of a player in the national football league. It has a sort of cult following of its own; often fans give a great deal of attention to these scores (while not made public formally, usually a player's score will eventually be leaked).

What is the NFL Wonderlic Test?

It measures the cognitive, mental, motor and many other abilities in an individual as part of the screening or selection process. This particular test is called the NFL Wonderlic Test because it is associated with the National Football League (NFL) of the US and either makes or breaks the careers of around 300 college football enthusiasts. Those scoring high on the test have a higher probability of getting drafted as key players into the major football teams.

When is the NFL Wonderlic Test Organized?

Each year, in the month of a February, a week-long event for the top college football players is organized at Indianapolis, Indiana. The top players from each college get selected for this prestigious chance to showcase their talents at the Lucas Oil Stadium in that city.

The spectators to this event comprised of NFL coaches, scouts and general managers of famous and leading football teams. This eventful week that is hosted annually is known as the NFL Scouting Combine. The managers and the coaches gather here each year, to pick out the next sensation for their team. Depending upon how well each player performs in the various tests conducted for them, the coaches and the managers decide the status of each player in their team as well as the team each of them will join.

Once the best get selected, or ‘drafted’ as it is known, they have signed a contract with that team and hence, cannot go back on that. As is apparent, the NFL Combine is a major event in the lives of the young and aspiring college football players. That single, week-long event that tests them out in a serious of assessments can either make or break their career in national football.

Here, at Indianapolis, is where the NFL Wonderlic Test is conducted, and it is only one part of the serious of assessments that the players will have to undergo. This test, held at the NFL Combine, is also known as the NFL Combine Wonderlic Test. The score for this test decides his selection into not only one of the teams but also his draft status in the team.


Football players get invited to attend the week-long event at Indianapolis that leads to the NFL drafting. Without invitation, these players cannot get in, which means that each of the 300 football players is at the top of their game. However, their performance in the field is not enough to convince the team managers and the coaches for their success in future games, which is why they are subjected to further drills and written, and behavioral tests to assess how they think, perform and take decisions in different situations.

Playing football on the field doesn’t require linguistics, but it does ask the player to be able to think cautiously, quickly, logically and decisively. With the scores yielded after the NFL Wonderlic Test and other tests, these coaches, scouts, and managers get a pretty good idea of the individual capabilities of these men.

What Other Tests are Conducted Besides NFL Test?

nfl wonderlic test

There are many other physical and mental tests that are conducted at the NFL Combine besides the Wonderlic Test. For example,

The Player Assessment Test, also known as PAT. It is conducted as an extension to the Wonderlic Test.

  • Drills specific to the position
  • Physical measurement
  • Blood screening for drug
  • Evaluation of Injury
  • 40-yard sprint, Vertical jump, Bench press, Broad Jum, three-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle
  • Cybex Test

Are results reliable?

Over the years this test has faced a certain level of scrutiny and experts have wondered whether there is a direct correlation between the scores of the NFL Wonderlic Test and the success in the football field. A survey conducted of these players have, in fact, shown that the higher scores on the test are only directly related to a player’s success who is playing just two critical positions in the game, quarterback being one of them.

The study showed that players with high scores and playing on the defensive back or tight end do not correlate, and in fact, those in the same position but with bad scores fared better in the field.

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