What is an Online Aptitude Test?

Nowadays, there are a lot of online aptitude tests that you can practice on your desktop or mobile phone. They can help you to assess yourself before entering your real-life psychological session. Online Aptitude Tests are more often than not used by employers in order for them to measure the work-related cognitive capacity of their potential applicants. Among these, commonly used cognitive tests are conceptual or abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning. However, one might encounter a problem such as the low scores in some tests, a scientific rationale for example, which will be given an action through a lot more exercises or assessment tests to improve skills in that particular field.

Kind of cognitive abilities in an online aptitude test

1- Crystallized Intelligence

Crystallized Intelligence refers to your ability to learn from your previous experiences and apply that to current work-related situations. Some work activities that require such expertise are comprehension of work instructions, generation and analysis of written reports and using numbers as an instrument to create effective and efficient decisions.

What do aptitude tests include?

The numerical reasoning which is your capacity to deal with a set of numbers quickly and accurately such as the analysis of costs, ratios, percentages, currency, sales reports, rates, conversions and the like.

The verbal reasoning which deals with vocabulary, writing and reading comprehension. You have a task to read passages and then determine the gist of the story or journey.

Your mechanical reasoning capability is a skill to apply various mechanical concepts in solving multiple mechanical problems. Your spatial intelligence refers to your ability to understand and remember the spatial relations of objects. 

Expectations from this kind of aptitude tests

1.   The set of numerical and verbal questions has to be finished within a given period.

2.   The time limit is determined in such a way that only 1-5% of the subjects can answer all questions correctly at a given time.

3.   The only one correct answer is provided in each of the given test questions.

4.   Test questions require you to write information like graphs, tables or statements. Your primary task is to analyze the given set of data as quickly as possible and then arrive at a concrete business decision.

2.  Fluid Intelligence

The fluid intelligence refers to your ability to reason and think abstractly, think strategically and solve problems efficiently. 

Examples of this kind of intelligence are:

  • Ease in learning new things
  • Effective problem-solving skills
  • Quick integration of various information
  • Capacity to deal with ambiguous decision-making
  • Strategic thinking
online aptitude test

What are the aptitude tests included in this kind?

Conceptual or abstract analyses refer to the capability of someone to identify patterns as quickly as possible, trends in a given dataset, and logical rules. Also, a person can integrate specific information and apply that in solving different problems.

Inductive reasoning is a type of logic which requires substantial evidence to prove that something is right.

Logical reasoning has two types; namely, the abduction and induction. It is the kind of logic that uses statements, premises as well as arguments to identify whether a given situation is true or false which will lead to either logical or illogical reasoning.

The diagrammatic reasoning which refers to the capability to use logic to various situations within the workplace as well as to infer several rules from a sequence of diagrams and flowcharts.

Expectations for this kind of aptitude tests

1.   There are non-verbal exam questions that you have to answer within a given time. 

2.   You are most likely to have 30 seconds to answer each exam question.

3.   The time limit is fixed in such a way wherein only 1-5% of the examinees can just answer the exam questions correctly at a given time.

4.   A question has three situations and multiple choices but there could only one correct answer.

5.   To be able to solve a question, you should identify one or more logical perspective and apply it to determine the next.

Common problem encountered

As you cannot excel in all of the fields, free online aptitude tests are here to help you improve your skills in your weakest area so that when you have your actual aptitude test, you are somehow prepared. Most of these online aptitude tests provide more exercises and simple explanations of how answers were derived. In this case, you can practice more on your own and gain additional knowledge in the field which you needed to focus more.

Practice with Free Aptitude Tests

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