Personality Compatibility Test or a Love Personality Test

If you are in search of your one true love, you may consider taking a personality compatibility test in order to decide on what to look for in a partner. It is also called personality love test.

A personality compatibility or love test is a measure that judges your fundamental personality traits, and then tells you what traits a partner should have (so that both you and your partner can get along with each other more comfortable).

If you don't take a personality love test, you may run the risk of having trouble selecting a partner (or worse, marrying someone with a conflicting personality). Fortunately, there are several tests available that allow you to find what to look for in a partner quickly. Some are more accurate than others, but all of these tests claim to help prevent you from choosing the wrong partner (and regretting it).

A few prominent tests are described here:

Free Online Pre-Employment Personality Test

Advanced Multidimensional Personality Matrix (AMPM)

The Advanced Multidimensional Personality Matrix or AMPM is an example of a personality compatibility test that attempts to rate whether or not you are an outgoing person. By defining you as an introvert (a person that prefers non-social situations), or an extrovert (a person that enjoys going to parties, and socializing), the AMPM test will tell you roughly what your personality type is, using what is known as the “Big Five” personality traits.

The five traits are:

  • Openness (your emotional sensitivity), 
  • Conscientiousness (your tendency to be cautious and careful in emotional matters), 
  • Extroversion (your tendency to seek social excitement and to pursue new relationships), 
  • Agreeableness (your tendency to get along well with others in social situations), and 
  • Neuroticism (your tendency to have negative emotional feelings).

If you are taking an AMPM test as a personal compatibility test, you will want to select a partner who has a similar score on the same test. This way, you will not argue as much with your spouse on social issues and situations.

Free Online Pre-Employment Personality Test

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Another common personality test is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  (MBTI) test. This test consists of 93 questions which force you to pick only one choice, in a choice of two answers for each item. The advantage of the MBTI test's question layout is that it forces you to select one solution over another, in order to accurately determine your personality type. At the end of the test, there are 16 different psychological types, of which one type is yours.

The MBTI is highly accurate and is an ideal test to take if you want to find as close of a match of your personality as possible. Unlike the AMPM test, the MBTI test does not typically rank your scores as a number at the conclusion of the test but instead will tell you your personality type.

This makes it much easier to find a partner with the same personality type because you don't have to compare numbers for terms that you might not understand- you simply just ask someone what their personality type is.

Personal Style Indicator (PSI)

The Personal Style Indicator, or PSI, test is a personality compatibility test that measures how you tend to react and behave to a given situation, most of the time. Typically lasting only 15 minutes, the PSI measures your interpersonal (how well you relate to others), your behavioral (how you normally behave to given situations), your cognitive (how your thought process works), and your effective (emotional) traits. The PSI test also uses the same 16 personality types as the MBTI test, as your test results.

Personality compatibility tests have been in use for decades, and their use is only guaranteed in the future. In fact, businesses use a personality compatibility test when signing up new clients to their services. Through these personality compatibility test results, clients are then matched to people that are as close of a match as possible to their personality traits. These tests have had numerous success stories and will continue to play a large part of the dating process.

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