Can Pokemon Personality Test Discover Your Personality Characteristics ...With Animated Characters?

The Pokemon characters in animated series, games and videos carry specific individual characteristics. The Pokemon personality test is a result of the attraction that these figures are favorites of the youth. The developers try to assimilate different attributes of these animated characters with your personality. Such developers are neither professional psychologist nor intend to replace sound psychometrics anyway. They ask simple and often direct questions to see your likes for specific characteristics and then calculate which Pokemon character is closest to your taste.

However, a Pokemon personality test should never be taken seriously. It is just for fun, and no thoughtful decision can be made upon findings of such quizzes. The result does not mean that you carry characteristics of a particular Pokemon but an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

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Modes of Pokemon Personality Test

Screen Shots

Different developers try different modes of psychologists to find out what Pokemon you are. The most popular sites adopt a series of screenshots to display questions and their answers. You can’t move to the next screen without clicking an answer presented in the current screenshot. The display of screens continues until you reach the last question and finally, you are declared a Pokemon with characteristics of that Pokemon character.

Multiple Choice Questions

Another style of a Pokemon personality test is ubiquitous. You are offered a question with some options which may up to a dozen. You may face items like this:

“A man just stole a toy from you. What do you do?” You may have following options to answer.

•    I will ask for it back nicely.

•    I will try and reason with him

•    I'll put a "kick me" sign on his back.

•    I'll just sit there and try and avoid trouble.

•    Wait! He just stole food? NOW HE'S GONNA PAY!

•    I will ask for it back. If he refuses, I will fight him, and get it back.

•    I will make him suffer for his actions.

•    I will start to cry, and run away.

Selection of Yes/No/Not Sure Options

Another popular style of a Pokemon personality test is that you are given questions about three options to choose your answer from. You are required to select an answer as Yes, No or Not sure. You may face questions like Do you prefer fire type? Are you afraid of weakness? Do you like Pokemon that are easy to train? Etc.


Another style of Pokemon personality test is that you are offered questions with Yes/No options. However, you are allowed to answer in the progression of five sub-options with radio button. If Yes if written on the left side, and you choose the first

Free Online Pre-Employment Personality Test

Assessment Through Pokemon Characters

The Character of Pikachu

Pikachu is one of the most famous of all the Pokemon. This character has been Ash’s loyal companion for years, never leaving his side, even during the most dangerous battles. Pikachu is an electric Pokemon and can use the Thunderbolt attack or stasis power. However, it is mostly a cuddly, friendly creature who only uses its abilities when provoked. If you are like Pikachu, you would make an invaluable member of any team, and have the resolve to complete any task.


Like Pikachu, Fennekin has been Serena’s long-time companion. Fennekin is a little, fox Pokemon who uses the fire ability. This furry Pokemon emits fire from its ears and has the blaze and magician abilities. Being similar to little Fennekin will mean that you love a challenge, and are not afraid to tackle tasks that would seem daunting or overwhelming to others.


It is another one of Ash’s companions but differs from other Pokemon as it chose to be its trainer. This blue Pokemon closely resembles a frog and has the water powers. Froakie has the torrent and protean abilities and prefers to sit back and observe others, taking in every detail. Sharing Froakie’s qualities will make you well suited to handling projects on your own due to your independent streak.


Clemont’s trusted combat Pokemon Bunnelby is an average Pokemon and looks like a grey rabbit, with giant bunny ears. It uses its ears to dig holes and trenches, and can also cut down trees. Bunnelby’s best features are its industriousness and stamina. You will be valued as resourceful and hard-working if you resemble Bunnelby.


Amorphous Wobbuffet is a psychic Pokemon, who performs very well under attack. When attacked it can increase its body size and retaliate with force. Emulating Wobbuffet’s ability to withstand attack will put you in good stead in the work environment, as it means you will be able to take criticism, turning that criticism into an opportunity to learn and grow.


This dragon-like Pokemon has both psychic and flying abilities and has the pressure and multi-scale talents. It can stop battles, and control weather patterns, either starting or ending storms. As the guardian of the sea, Lugia likes to spend its time at the bottom of the ocean because of its mighty powers. Having the cooperative abilities and conflict resolution skills that Lugia possesses would make you an integral part of any team.


A Pokemon that has human and cat-like features, Mewtwo is a physic and fighting Pokemon. Specially designed and created for battle, Mewtwo is a formidable opponent and will take no prisoners in battle. This Pokemon also can evolve into two different forms, depending on battle needs. If you’re like Mewtwo, you’ll be highly ambitious and will stop at nothing to get the job done. Also, you remain flexible and willing to change strategies to optimize success.


Blastoise is a shellfish Pokemon and has evolved from the Wartortle. Resembling a tortoise, it has a hard shell on its back, with two water cannons attached to the top of each side of the shell. These devastating guns can destroy almost any structure. Blastoise is comfortable leading large groups, meaning that like Blastoise you would be at ease taking control of projects and leading a team of colleagues.


Charizard is another of the most popular Pokemon of all time. This flying Pokemon has the flame ability and also closely resembles the mythical dragon. The heat of the Charizard’s fire can burn through almost any material, and with more battle experience the flame of the Charizard will grow hotter. Generally, in Pokemon, a Charizard does not boast about its powers as this seems a form of weakness. If you get Charizard in the Pokemon personality test, then you are someone who learns from experience and does not let ego get in the way of getting the job done.

Take the Pokemon personality test now and discover which Pokemon you are.

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